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Content tagged with Networking posted in February 2003
Systems Management, Red Hat Style
News  |  2/24/2003  | 
The Linux distributor's forthcoming management framework is intended to give enterprise IT shops another good reason to adopt Linux.
Making Layer 7 Work for You
News  |  2/24/2003  | 
Content networking at Layer 7 is an integral part of a well-designed infrastructure. Learn how to avoid latency problems and make the best use of a Layer 7 device.
News  |  2/24/2003  | 
FUDBuster busts the "vulnerability" in CVS, the source-code repository used by many open-source projects.
Opening up the Airwaves
News  |  2/24/2003  | 
Despite some technical obstacles that currently let 2.4-GHz products boast better range than 5-GHz products, in the long run bandwidth is the name of the game.
Xdrive Plus Xdrive
News  |  2/24/2003  | 
Xdrive takes the frustration out of file sharing with its competitive, secure, controllable and affordable file-sharing service.
Last Mile
News  |  2/24/2003  | 
This edition: Top 11 unusual source code comments; words we should ban; and the Bar Monkey.
SQL Sapphire: It's Not Only Microsoft's Fault
News  |  2/17/2003  | 
You really have to stop blaming Microsoft for every little ill that comes your way.
A 'Shore' Thing
News  |  2/17/2003  | 
Shore's SM-2601F Gigabit Link Protector makes sure your vital gigabit links stay up.
The IT Agenda: Move Beyond the Free Lunch
Commentary  |  2/17/2003  | 
Chargebacks can pay off big time once you implement a well thought-out system and work through the lingering kinks.
Quick Takes
News  |  2/17/2003  | 
We take sneek peeks at Foundry Networks 10 Gigabit Ethernet Module, Compuware Vantage 8.5, Information Builders WebFocus 5 and FatPipe MPVPN 3.0.
Multisystem Monitoring
News  |  2/17/2003  | 
SiteScope's target area is wide, but its accuracy is great.
Come and Get It
News  |  2/17/2003  | 
A unified-messaging system lets your users stay informed and in touch!
Plugging the Communications Time Drain
News  |  2/17/2003  | 
Two unified-messaging systems--Cisco Unity and Interactive's Communité--can plug the hole.
Are Biometrics The Answer?
News  |  2/17/2003  | 
Biometric authentication looks sexy, but before you start scanning, consider some of its negatives.
Optibase Optimizes IT Resources
News  |  2/10/2003  | 
Its media gateway uses existing Windows Media Technology.
Last Mile
News  |  2/10/2003  | 
This edition: Top 11 Ways to Make a Late Night Server Upgrade More Fun; Power Reader; Wi-Fi Detectors, Head to Head.
Vendor or Partner?
Commentary  |  2/10/2003  | 
Ask yourself these questions before deciding whether a vendor is really 'strategic partner' material.
Waiting on 802.11g
News  |  2/10/2003  | 
Even though the IEEE 802.11g, high-speed, 2.4-GHz wireless standard is still in draft stage, some vendors have shipped products complying with it.
NHL And Sun Get Ready For Draft Weekend
News  |  2/4/2003  | 
The NHL is using Sun's blade-server technology to keep information moving at this weekend's Entry Draft.
Security Alerts for the Rest of Us
News  |  2/3/2003  | 
I hate reading vulnerability bulletins. Talk about dense material. And I know I'm not alone.
Hollow Victory for the Java Faithful
News  |  2/3/2003  | 
A federal judge ruled that Sun's version of the Java Virtual Machine must be included in future shipments of IE.
App Monitoring Minus False Alarms
News  |  2/3/2003  | 
Kaiser Permanente is using Heroix's RoboMon software to monitor its applications, ensuring real problems get resolved.
Foundry Targets Midsize Switch Market
News  |  2/3/2003  | 
ServerIron brings corporate-class content networking to the masses.
The Next Windows Server: Not .Net
News  |  2/3/2003  | 
Microsoft has removed the .Net Server name from the forthcoming release of its server product.

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