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LG Unveiling Smart TV Upgrader At CES
News  |  12/30/2010  | 
Device will turn regular televisions into Internet-enabled sets with access to premium online content, shows, Web sites, and LG apps.
Nokia Siemens Purchase Of Motorola Wireless Delayed
News  |  12/29/2010  | 
China's antitrust regulators have not yet approved the sale, which was expected to be completed this year.
Vox Launches VoIP Video Phone
News  |  12/29/2010  | 
Ojo Vision offers unlimited calling, videoconferencing, and TV display connections to small and midsize businesses and home users.
Email, Search Drive Most Online Retail Traffic
News  |  12/29/2010  | 
Despite heavy marketing investments in social media, only 5% of holiday shoppers credited those channels for driving them to a retailer's site, reports ForSee study.
Apple Boosts iPhone Sales Projections
News  |  12/27/2010  | 
First-quarter 2011 forecast indicates that the company is making up to 6 million handsets for CDMA-based wireless networks, the standard used by Verizon.
IBM Predicts Top IT Innovations
News  |  12/27/2010  | 
The IT giant's "Next Five in Five" list says that, by 2015, we'll have holographic cell phone displays, breathing batteries, and adaptive traffic systems.
Google Buys NYC Building For $1.9 Billion
News  |  12/23/2010  | 
The 15-story Manhattan property covers a full block and has more office space than the Empire State Building.
Moving To The Cloud Is Not Cut And Paste
Commentary  |  12/23/2010  | 
One of the issues I have been thinking about is the requirements necessary to move an application to a cloud service and, to some extent, move it with little impact to end users. Amazon's VM Import service is getting a lot of buzz lately, but the service itself is about as interesting as converting a Microsoft Word Document to PDF. Sure, it's useful, but it's only half the story. Virtual machine (VM) conversion certainly isn't a game changer for hybrid clouds. Just because you have a VM in your
Data Center Upgrades Spur Surge In Network Equipment
News  |  12/23/2010  | 
Infonetics research says cloud computing will fuel large gains in the 10G Ethernet and storage markets through 2014.
Spares Beat Service Contracts Hands Down
Commentary  |  12/23/2010  | 
I'm sometimes amazed at how much of my clients' IT budgets go to pay for service and support contracts they don't really need. Too many IT guys can only sleep soundly under the security blanket provided by a 24-7 service contract with guaranteed four-hour response times, so they just have the vendor include gold-plated service on everything they buy. I've found that, in many cases, a few spares and next business-day service can save my clients a bundle.
Motorola Developing LTE Smartphone For Verizon
News  |  12/22/2010  | 
The 4G handset will be among the devices launched when Verizon debuts voice services over its Long-Term Evolution network.
HP, IBM, VMware Rank Highest For Configuration Management Tools
News  |  12/22/2010  | 
An industry analysis released this month rates Hewlett-Packard, IBM and VMware as "value leaders" for configuration management tools that can identify software applications running on a network and the impact of network configuration changes that will affect how those applications run. The report, from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), rates those vendors high based on their product strengths and cost efficiencies. Other vendors ranked as a "strong value," the second highest ranking, were
New AppFirst Monitoring Product Integrates With Top Cloud Providers
News  |  12/21/2010  | 
AppFirst, a company that provides detailed monitoring and management of computing resources running in cloud environments, has introduced a new version of its solution that integrates with the systems of major cloud providers. The company announced this week that its AppFirst system--which constantly, rather than intermittently, monitors performance-- works with cloud providers such as Amazon EC2, Rackspace, SoftLayer and GoGrid, and will support additional cloud providers in the near future.
Earthlink To Acquire One Communications For $370 Million
News  |  12/20/2010  | 
The phone and Internet service provider will add about 113,000 small and midsized business customers across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Upper Midwest to Earthlink's footprint.
AT&T To Acquire Qualcomm Spectrum For $1.9 Billion
News  |  12/20/2010  | 
The added 700-MHz bandwidth, freed when Qualcomm terminated its FLO TV service, will cover more than 300 million people across the U.S.
Think Net Neutrality Will Kill Innovation And Jobs? Think Again
Commentary  |  12/20/2010  | 
I simply do not understand how Net neutrality detractors think that the proposed rules the FCC wants to put into place could hurt innovation. Even a cursory read of the rules shows that they are trying to set a level playing field, ensuring that those who control the last mile cannot arbitrarily limit or restrict access to Internet services. Open access does not stifle innovation. Open access to Internet services is the catalyst to innovation. Let's face it: Telcos and cable companies are the le
WikiLeaks Attacks Bringing Needed Attention To DDoS Prevention
News  |  12/20/2010  | 
The recent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks by supporters of the WikiLeaks organization were relatively small among all DDoS attacks, but the outsized media reaction to them brings needed attention to the threat of DDoS attacks in general and to the protections enterprise networks need to take, according to IT security experts.
IEEE Intros Hybrid Home Network Standard
News  |  12/17/2010  | 
The common interface for bridging small networks will cover broadband over powerline, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and coaxial.
WAN Issues Drive Application Deployment And Architecture
News  |  12/17/2010  | 
If you're in the hospitality industry, nothing is more central to your business than ensuring premium service and accommodations for your guests. This goes beyond offering attractive living suites, fine restaurants, and every imaginable personal and business convenience. It also includes friendly customer service and ease of booking reservations. Sometimes the best option is to re-design your IT systems.
Cloudkick Deal Turbocharges Rackspace Cloud Management
News  |  12/17/2010  | 
Just days after announcing a managed cloud service, Rackspace Hosting is upping the ante with the acquisition of Cloudkick and its cloud-server management tools portfolio. Serving more than 1,500 customers, a number of them from the more than 100,000 using Rackspace, Cloudkick helps administrators navigate the cloud world. Customers can manage and monitor their servers across multitenant virtualized servers and dedicated hardware, including hardware from multiple providers, within a single dashb
Cisco's FabricPath and IETF TRILL: Cisco Can't Have Standards Both Ways
Commentary  |  12/17/2010  | 
Standards are standards for a reason. Standards allow customers to interconnect products with a hope that they will all work together easily and simply. It's how the Internet was built, though not without some problems, and how all the networking vendors built their businesses. No vendor, not even Cisco or Hewlett-Packard, can go it alone in enterprise networking. Even the whisper that a vendor is not standards-compliant can ruffle feathers and get danders up, so vendors come up with ways to giv
IT Hiring Picture For 2011 Mixed
News  |  12/17/2010  | 
A survey of various IT sector hiring forecasts for 2011 show a mixed bag, with companies planning to bring in more people but still relying, at least in part, on contract or temporary workers rather than making permanent hires. The technology consulting firm Janco Associates reports a slight increase in hiring in some IT areas, but not enough to offset the job losses in IT during the recession. But a survey of hiring managers and recruiters by the tech employment Web site reveals six in
Unisys Enhances Managed Security Services Offering
News  |  12/16/2010  | 
Unisys Corporation today announced that it has added the Security Event and Log Management solution to its Unisys Managed Security Services (MSS) offering. This new solution gives clients enhanced capabilities to identify and deflect potential cybersecurity breaches as they emerge from anywhere in the enterprise IT infrastructure, as well as to create and maintain the detailed audit trails of threats and responses increasingly required by regulatory and industry bodies. This solution can help cl
HP Acknowledges SAN Password Vulnerability
News  |  12/16/2010  | 
StorageWorks P2000 G3 storage area network administrators are advised to disable a now well-known default password.
Ethernet Switch Sales Shine
News  |  12/16/2010  | 
The Ethernet switch market has come back with a bang, with 2010 sales shooting up 29 percent from 2009 to $18.5 billion. According to Infonetics Research's third quarter 2010 Enterprise Routers and Ethernet Switches market share and forecast reports, Ethernet switch sales, driven primarily by the United States and EMEA markets, grew 3 percent quarter over quarter to $4.7 billion, beating the previous high of $4.68 billion in the third quarter of 2008.
Aerohive Makes Fat Wireless Phat
Commentary  |  12/15/2010  | 
When you do the marketing math, Aeorhive's case is easily made. Big WLAN vendors are having a field day making whopping throughput claims to hawk their latest 802.11n hardware, and the prevailing undercurrent through all IT media centers on the explosion of mobile and portable devices that are becoming mainstream computing devices. Take all those devices, using all of that bandwidth, and you have to wonder if sending it all to the network core is the best strategy. Aerohive says the wireless con
Avaya: CEBP Too Complex
News  |  12/15/2010  | 
Avaya upgraded its Communication Enabled Business Process (CEBP) under the brand Avaya Agile Communication Environment (ACE) release 2.3, in the process essentially admitting that its initial attempt to incorporate Web services into PBX design was too much for many of today's business users. With the new release, Avaya is pushing three themes: tighter integration with Avaya Aura; enhanced integration with systems such as Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS), IBM Lotus Notes and Sametime
Android Enabled As SecurID Authentication Device
News  |  12/14/2010  | 
RSA to release software that turns smartphones into software tokens for accessing enterprise networks.
Verizon Confirms 3G To 4G Handoff Delays
News  |  12/13/2010  | 
Subscribers have been warned of a two-minute delay when their laptops switch from the slower 3G wireless network to the faster LTE network.
Avaya Bolsters ACE Unified Communications Platform
News  |  12/13/2010  | 
Agile Communication Environment adds click-to-call integration with Microsoft Communications and IBM Lotus Notes and Sametime.
LinkedIn Moves To Los Angeles Data Center
News  |  12/13/2010  | 
The business social network, which shut down temporarily Sunday during the transition, works on remaining technical glitches.
Enterasys Announces IPv6 Support For IPS
News  |  12/13/2010  | 
Enterasys Networks' intrusion prevention system (IPS) now supports IPv6, meeting the federal procurement mandate that went into effect this year and future-proofing business customers that will eventually adopt the expanded network addressing protocol. "The federal government mandates Ipv6 support; they're not using it, but everything they buy has to have it," says Charles Kolodgy, IDC research VP for secure products. "You need that check box if you want to sell to the government, especially
Uncle Sam Slow On Wireless Uptake
Commentary  |  12/10/2010  | 
To those of us installing, supporting and using wireless networks, it often seems like the whole world is going wireless in a big way. We see mobile applications changing lifestyles and culture, an endless pipeline of new wireless devices and even exotic new machine-to-machine applications enabled by pervasive signals.But, despite the wireless revolution at hand, there is one major sector that is not so quick to cut the cord. The U.S. government is a laggard when it comes to adopting and leverag
Dell's Compellent Deal Should Hurt, Not Kill, EMC Relationship
News  |  12/10/2010  | 
Dell's proposed acquisition of Compellent Technologies should mean that the EMC Clariion relationship, which took a big hit with Dell's acquisition of EqualLogic and suffered another body blow when Dell lost out to Hewlett-Packard in the 3Par bidding war, is pretty much over. Dell is seeking to acquire all outstanding common stock of Compellent for $27.50 per share, a deal valued at more than $800 million.
Vermont Villages To Develop Rural Fiber Network
News  |  12/9/2010  | 
Claiming LTE wireless can't deliver broadband as robust, the East Central Vermont Community Fiber Network is planning a pilot project to serve the sparsely populated 23-town region.
Salesforce Adds Database-as-a-Service Offering And Free Chatter
News  |  12/9/2010  |, known for its sales force automation and customer relationship management capabilities, is now adding a database offering. The company introduced at its Dreamforce 2010 conference in San Francisco.
IBM Offers IT Service Desk Fix
News  |  12/9/2010  | 
IBM estimates that only 5 percent of service and support issues are resolved by self service, which makes the $1.2 billion IT service desk market (Gartner "Magic Quadrant for the IT Service Desk," Nov. 4, 2010) ripe for automation and integration products such as Big Blue's new cloud-based Tivoli Live -service manager. According to Gartner's IT Key Metrics Data, the IT service desk accounts for about 4 percent of the total IT budget, and since 86 percent of the cost of an IT service desk is staf
Dell Accelerates Windows 7 Deployment
News  |  12/9/2010  | 
On Friday, Dell will release the latest version (3.3) of the Kace K2000 Deployment Appliance, its Microsoft Windows 7 deployment and Windows XP migration product that will feature policy-based migration, offline migration and continuous driver feed updates. Pricing starts at $4,500 for the first 100 nodes or $39,000 per appliance; educational pricing is also available.
HP's E-Series ZL Ethernet Modules Sip Power
News  |  12/8/2010  | 
Hewlett-Packard's new E-Series ZL v2 modules for the HP 8200 and 5400 switch chassis, which are targeted at the campus LAN, sport increased port density and support for the IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet standard. This standard defines how an Ethernet port can switch to a sleep mode when not being used, which leads to less energy consumption. HP is also changing its licensing models with the 8200 and 5400, doing away with the premium license for advanced features such as advanced routing
Internet Domain Security Virtually Non-Existent
News  |  12/8/2010  | 
The sixth-annual survey of the Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure on the public Internet, conducted by the Measurement Factory and underwritten by Infoblox, finds that while DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) adoption increased dramatically, by 340 percent, this year, it was on such a small base that DNS security is virtually nonexistent for the almost 200 million registered domains. DNSSEC is a suite of Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) specifications for securing informa
Novell Cloud Manager: There's An iPhone App For That
News  |  12/8/2010  | 
Novell has updated its Novell Cloud Manager cloud management tool with a number of new features, including an application for access from an Apple iPhone. Novell Cloud Manager 1.1 also adds an enhanced ability to import existing hosts and virtual machines into the cloud. Cloud Manager was introduced in September to help enterprises manage private cloud environments that they operate within their own data centers.
Altor Strengthens Juniper's Virtualization Security
News  |  12/7/2010  | 
Juniper Networks' decision to increase its stake in virtualization security specialist Altor Networks to 100 percent was a fairly obvious move, says analyst Zeus Kerravala of the Yankee Group. "Juniper has been trying to strengthen their enterprise portfolio, trying to become a more relevant vendor. This seems to fit in where Juniper is already strong and gives them a stronger presence," Kerravala says.
Sprint Sees Wireless Network Overhaul, Consolidation
News  |  12/7/2010  | 
Network Vision plan will merge CDMA and WiMax and phase out the aging Nextel iDEN network to accelerate data and voice delivery, save billions of dollars.
Juniper Acquiring Altor Networks For $95 Million
News  |  12/7/2010  | 
Purchase of virtualization monitoring and security firm brings Juniper a hypervisor-based firewall, intrusion detection, network visibility, and reporting tools.
Clearwire Intros Combined Router Modem With WiFi
News  |  12/6/2010  | 
The device enables 4G data service for Wi-Fi enabled devices without a phone or cable company Internet plan or a separate router.
Verizon Launches 4G LTE Network
News  |  12/6/2010  | 
High-speed wireless service is available in 38 U.S. metropolitan areas with a Pantech 4G modem offered by the carrier.
BMC Bulks Up DBMS Portfolio With GridApp Acquisition
News  |  12/6/2010  | 
With its acquisition of GridApp Systems, BMC Software is expanding its portfolio of application, server, network and client configuration management to include database automation. BMC says the addition of GridApp's automated database provisioning, patching and administration capabilities will enable it to offer full-stack, end-to-end enterprise application deployment and management.
FCC's Copps Calls For Broadband Reclassification
News  |  12/3/2010  | 
Setting up a conflict with FCC chairman Julius Genachowski, the commissioner Michael J. Copps has publicly advocated for net neutrality deliberations to weigh changes that would bring carriers and cable companies under increased regulation.
Sprint, Digi Introduce First Commercial 4G Routers
News  |  12/3/2010  | 
The Digi Connect WAN 4G and ConnectPort X4 4G increase bandwidth and lower latency for machine-to-machine applications such as digital signage, video surveillance and mobile computing.
New HP Application Lifecycle Product Combines Quality And Performance Management
News  |  12/3/2010  | 
Hewlett-Packard has taken two of its application management platforms, HP Quality Center and HP Performance Center, and united them in an effort to provide organizations with a single, automated product for developing, testing, delivering and monitoring their applications.
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