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Content tagged with Networking posted in December 2008
SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Prepped For Storage
News  |  12/30/2008  | 
Symwave is expected to show off the specification for transferring data to and from external storage devices at CES in January.
IPv6 Makes Slow Progress
News  |  12/17/2008  | 
Mobile adoption will eventually drive wider acceptance, but obstacles remain.
Get Ready to Serve the Connected Generation
Commentary  |  12/16/2008  | 
Teens today grew up in a connected world. When they were in middle school, many were surfing the Internet to collect information for their research papers. Most have had cell phones since the time they first began to notice the opposite sex. They expect to be able to use technology to enhance communications, so will your company be able to serve them?
802.11n: Wireless Rookies Need Not Apply
News  |  12/11/2008  | 
New standard is complex, and even with careful planning, it may not pan out for everyone.
Five Steps to Ease Your Company Through the Economic Downturn
Commentary  |  12/11/2008  | 
A recession may not be what small and medium business IT manager want during this holiday season, but unfortunately, that seems to be what Santa will be delivering. The recent sharp economic downturn caught many firms by surprise, so one question has arisen: What steps should a company take to remain viable in these turbulent times?
Broadcom Chip Combines 802.11n, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
News  |  12/8/2008  | 
The BCM4329 could let consumers download a movie to their mobile phone and easily transfer it to their Wi-Fi-enabled PC or TV, or send pictures taken on their phones directly to a printer.
IBM Introduces Cybercrime Security Services
News  |  12/4/2008  | 
The company is moving into the identity and access management space because of a surge in security incidents among its corporate clients.
Telecommuting, Teleconferencing Are On The Rise
Commentary  |  12/3/2008  | 
An increase in fuel prices and the continuation of the economic crisis have contributed to a higher number of businesspeople choosing to telecommute as well as conduct meetings via Web, video, and teleconferencing, according to two recent surveys. The surging popularity of the telecommuter has even spurred a new moniker -- the "cloudworker."
Telstra Readies 21-Mbps Wireless Network Down Under
News  |  12/3/2008  | 
The extensive high-speed eHSPA wireless network was helped by partners Ericsson, Qualcomm and Sierra Wireless.
Amazon, Others Explore The Cloud For Medical Research, Health Care
News  |  12/3/2008  | 
While cloud computing offers the promise of powerful, flexible, and cost-effective collaboration and innovation in medicine, experts say there some dark clouds blocking the way.

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