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Mellanox and QLogic Play Duopoly
Commentary  |  11/30/2010  | 
On Monday, Mellanox said it will buy Voltaire for $8.75 per share, or about $218 million. Excluding Voltaire's cash, Mellanox is getting the company for about $176 million. The $200 million per year InfiniBand networking market is now a duopoly comprising Mellanox and QLogic, the two suppliers that design their own adapter and switch chips.
The Level 3/Comcast Fight Is About Money, Not Net Neutrality
Commentary  |  11/30/2010  | 
Level 3 is positioning its peering dispute with Comcast as a net neutrality issue, when in fact it's a business conflict. By claiming that a clash over money is actually a defense of users being able to access Internet resources, Level 3 may hurt the net neutrality effort because it confuses the issue. As a supporter of net neutrality, I think this is the wrong approach by Level 3.
Data Center Convergence: Fact or Fiction?
News  |  11/30/2010  | 
Recently, IT departments have had trouble keeping pace with growth in their data centers. In many cases, each time that a new application was built, they had to deploy a new server, storage system, and network switch. With IT becoming a key business enabler and the number of applications swelling, they ended up with a plethora of devices.
Automation Not The Solution For Human Error
News  |  11/24/2010  | 
We've all had our share of misfortunes with IT devices and services that have failed to perform as expected in an increasingly information-centric world. But as much as we may want to fault the technology, it appears that we are to blame in the majority of cases, at least as far as data-center outages. The solution is not to replace humans with lights-out automation, but provide better training, processes and procedures, says Julian Kudritzki, vice president of the Uptime Institute. "It's the sa
Wave Embassy Trusted Drive Manager Simplifies Encrypted Drive Management
News  |  11/23/2010  | 
Securing data on laptops protects your company's data in the event the laptop is lost or stolen. According to the DatalossDB, which is maintained by the Open Security Foundation, by November 22, 2010, 12 million personal records have been exposed because of lost or stolen computers, laptops, disks, and other media. That tally doesn't include data loss such as intellectual property and other company secrets. Losing data is a risk most companies can't afford. Encrypting hard drives is one critical
Novell No More
News  |  11/23/2010  | 
There are still 'Is' to be dotted and 'Ts' to be crossed, but for all intents and purposes, the deal is done for Novell. The company is credited with making the local area network popular. With a large helping hand from Xerox, the benefactors of Adobe, Apple and 3Com, among others - is being bought by Attachmate for approximately $2.2 billion, excluding intellectual property assets being sold to CPTN Holdings LLC, a consortium of technology companies organized by Microsoft, for $450 million in c
Verizon Announces 150Mbps Broadband
News  |  11/22/2010  | 
Pitted against AT&T's high-speed U-verse service, Verizon claims the $195 per month FiOS offering will be the fastest consumer broadband in the U.S.
Novell Is Dead; Cause Of Death Is Lack Of Focus
Commentary  |  11/22/2010  | 
In yet another chapter of how the once mighty have fallen once dominant network operating system vendor Novell announced today that it's being acquired by long time mainframe connectivity vendor Attachmate. Twenty years ago we would have viewed this as a marriage made in heaven, or at least Maui, as Attachmate's 3270 and 5250 connectivity tools were key to connecting NetWare networks to the IT department's "Real Computers". Today the response seems to be AttachWHO?
Fulcrum Has Designs On 10G/40G Ethernet Switch Space
News  |  11/19/2010  | 
Fulcrum Microsystems has used this week's Supercomputing 2010 conference in New Orleans to release its Alta 1U Reference Platform, a single-board 10G/40G Ethernet switch reference design intended to speed time to market of high-port-count data center top-of-rack (ToR) switches. Code-named Barcelona, it is built on Fulcrum's low-latency FocalPoint FM6364 10G/40G Ethernet switch chip, and can be used to evaluate the performance of that chip in either a test environment or a live data center networ
Hacker Cracks Secure Hashing Algorithm Using Amazon Cloud
News  |  11/19/2010  | 
Using EC2's cluster GPU power, security researcher spent only $2.10 to decrypt 14 SHA1 passwords in under an hour; other experts aren't concerned.
RainStor and Teradata Target Big Data
News  |  11/19/2010  | 
Teradata Corporation and RainStor are combining forces to grab a larger slice of the growing 'big-data' pie. RainStor's data compression and reduction software will be incorporated into Teradata's 'Purpose Built' Platform family and BAR solutions to offer customers an up to 50x-plus compression rate and 'the lowest price per terabyte', and storage footprint reduction of up to 97 percent. Additionally, data is online and accessible and can be queried using standard SQL and a number of business in
Web 2.0 Summit: 'Sacred' Cloud Computing Defies Lock-In
News  |  11/18/2010  | 
Executives from Amazon,, and VMware see freedom in the cloud.
Enterasys Throws Down Data-Center Virtualization Gauntlet
News  |  11/18/2010  | 
Building on its June announcement of a data-center strategy, Enterasys Networks has introduced its Data Center Manager, a unified management solution designed to deliver automation, visibility and control over the data center fabric, including network, servers, storage and applications, across both physical and virtual environments. The Siemens Enterprise Communications company says that by providing integrated tracking and monitoring of virtual machines(VMs), applications and an integrated view
Brocade And Cisco Maintain SAN Lock-In Status Quo With FCoE
Commentary  |  11/18/2010  | 
If you are a storage administrator, you are used to vendor lock-in driven by your storage vendor and you choose SAN equipment based on a qualified equipment list. You might even defend the lock-in as being preferable. If you are a network administrator looking at FCoE, you are going to chafe under these restrictions because you'll find your product choices restricted to whatever products the SAN vendor, Brocade or Cisco, has qualified with. If you go off the qualified equipment list, you won't g
Facebook Bug Disables Women's Accounts
News  |  11/17/2010  | 
Thousands of members knocked offline one day after company introduces new messaging system.
Microsoft, Verizon Announce Bundled UC&C
News  |  11/17/2010  | 
The cloud-based Unified Communications and Collaboration subscription service combines Verizon voice and Internet with Microsoft's BPOS suite.
AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Launch Mobile Payment Network
News  |  11/17/2010  | 
Isis, backed by three major wireless providers, will let consumers make in-store purchases using smartphones.
Lumeta Announces New Release of IPsonar
News  |  11/17/2010  | 
Lumeta Corporation , the leading provider of network discovery, mapping and network leak detection solutions for large enterprises and government agencies, today announced a new release of IPsonar??, which includes advancements in the product's discovery, visualization and analysis capabilities.
Brocade, Cisco, End-to-End FCoE And Who's On First
Commentary  |  11/17/2010  | 
I took some heat, in a good natured way, about my article Brocade First To Market With Native End-to-End FCoE . Brad Hedlund, Brian Gracely, and Stu Miniman contend that Cisco is first with end-to-end FCoE. In my original story, the headline "Brocade First To Market With Native End-to-End FCoE" was inaccurate. After talking to Brocade and Cisco in depth, the more accurate title is "Brocade First To Market With End-to-End Ethernet FCoE." I was sort of right and sort of wrong. Let me explain.
Ponemon-Symantec Report: Compliance Is Biggest Encryption Driver
News  |  11/17/2010  | 
Regulatory compliance has moved up as the primary driver for encryption in the United States, according to a Ponemon Institute-Symantec report, moving ahead of data breach mitigation. The fifth annual U.S. Enterprise Encryption Trends report also reported a rise in the number of organizations that have experienced more than five breaches.
NetVision Announces Enhanced Access Rights Reporting, Netapp User Activity Monitoring
News  |  11/17/2010  | 
The newest release of NetVision's access auditing and management suite features enhanced reporting on the state of access rights in the organization and support for user activity and permission changes in NetApp network attached storage (NAS). NetVision's suite is focused on activity monitoring and access rights status reporting, what Steve Coplan, senior analyst in The 451 Group's Enterprise Security Practice, calls this access auditing or access visibility auditing. It's focused on Active Dire
Tata Communications Launches Worldwide Ethernet Network
News  |  11/16/2010  | 
Cisco Systems' equipment is the foundation of the 802.1ah network, which has 24 nodes around the world.
Web 2.0: Google CEO Sees Android Phones Replacing Credit Cards
News  |  11/15/2010  | 
Near-field communication chips in the next version of Android will change mobile commerce.
Amazon Launches Supercomputing In The Cloud
News  |  11/15/2010  | 
The Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud's GPU Cluster Instance, based on NVIDIA Tesla M2050 processors, provides parallel processing for graphics rendering, simulations and other high performance computing tasks for $2.10 an hour.
Cisco Hires Former Apple Exec Mark Papermaster
News  |  11/15/2010  | 
The microchip expert who left during the highly publicized iPhone 4 antenna problems becomes VP of Cisco's switching technology group.
Avaya Updates IP Office Communication Appliance
News  |  11/15/2010  | 
Version 6.1 makes it easy for an SMB to manage employee phone calls, videoconferences, instant messages, and text messages.
Brocade First To Market With Native End-to-End FCoE
News  |  11/15/2010  | 
In the quest for one-ups-manship in product advances, Brocade announced it is the first vendor to bring end-to-end multi-hop Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) to the market. Brocade's VDX 6720 (the first in a planned family of products) is a top-of-rack (ToR) switch that support multi-path Ethernet, pay-as-you-grow Ethernet ports, and a new Brocade Network Operating System that unifies and simplifies switch management. The VDX is Brocade's first product to bring together the company's SAN and d
China Steals Supercomputer Crown From U.S.
News  |  11/15/2010  | 
Computing cold war looms as People's Republic's Tianhe-1A system grabs top spot from Cray system.
EMC To Acquire Isilon For $2.25 Billion
News  |  11/15/2010  | 
The deal will give EMC a bigger play in the growing scale-out network attached storage market.
Riverbed Branches Into Cloud Apps, Storage Optimization
News  |  11/12/2010  | 
Use of a specialized caching server can speed operations in the cloud, much as it speeds the enterprise WAN, said Riverbed.
Avaya's Missing Piece: Virtual Network Architecture
News  |  11/12/2010  | 
Introduced this week, the Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture (VENA) is intended to help address the growing demand for new content and business collaboration applications in and between data centers and campuses. The company says VENA helps reduce costs and improve service by improving network connections between application servers and end users, essentially providing an end-to-end connection from the desktop to the data center.
Boxee Box Launches Without Netflix, Hulu Plus
News  |  11/12/2010  | 
The D-Link media player joins the crowded field of devices that stream web content, movies, shows, and other content to TV sets.
Avaya Introduces Virtual Networking Architecture
News  |  11/12/2010  | 
Avaya has launched a data networking architecture aimed at assisting enterprises utilizing virtualization and other collaborative technologies to meet the growing demand for new content and business collaboration applications in and between data centers and campuses.
IBM Unveils Industry-Specific Software Platforms, Solutions
News  |  11/12/2010  | 
At an invitation-only summit for hundreds of its most advanced customers and partners, IBM is announcing additions to its industry framework portfolio. The new technology platform for the manufacturing industry and new solutions will provide real-time tracking for valuable assets and the ability to automate real-time data integration into a central dashboard that aggregates and controls all business operations.
LTE Not Meeting Demand From Smartphones, Tablets
News  |  11/11/2010  | 
HSPA+ will continue as the bridge between CDMA and LTE in the near term and early-stage LTE networks will carry only data until deployments ramp up, according to Infonetics.
IBM Completes Netezza Acquisition
News  |  11/11/2010  | 
$1.7 billion buyout of data warehousing pioneer puts Big Blue on a more even footing with Oracle and Teradata.
RockMelt Social Web Browser Revealed
Slideshows  |  11/11/2010  | 
RockMelt, a new browser backed by Mosaic and Netscape web pioneer Marc Andreessen, tightly integrates web browsing with social networking, letting users easily track their Facebook friends, Twitter feeds and changing news feeds, while surfing the web. RockMelt is not the first attempt to reimagine the web browser as a social tool. Back in 2005, the Flock browser was released with similar ambitions. Initially based on Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine, the forthcoming 3.0 version of Flock will, li
Facebook 'Friends' North Carolina With Data Center
News  |  11/11/2010  | 
The company's data center brings with it $450 million and hundreds of jobs.
Verizon Deploying 100G Network From Paris To Frankfurt
News  |  11/11/2010  | 
First commercial 100G Ethernet net uses Juniper routers and Ciena coherent optical transport for 555-mile route.
On-Switch Scripting Should Be On Your Radar
Commentary  |  11/11/2010  | 
Time to go brush up on your automata theory if you want to be an effective data center manager. Event-based automation is creeping in everywhere; before you know it, your data center will be pretty self-sufficient, perhaps, dare I say it, self-healing, at the software level. At least that's the theory. For the first time, equipment vendors are adding automation features such as scripting to switches and routers. These little automata scripts can, collectively, save you time and reduce errors.
Cisco Earnings Rise, Stock Drops
News  |  11/11/2010  | 
Investors punished the firm due to declining sales to state governments and cable companies that led the company to lower its second-quarter forecast.
Apple Updates Mac OS X
News  |  11/11/2010  | 
Snow Leopard version 10.6.5 includes security fixes and resolves problems with third-party software.
VMware, Cisco, EMC Coalition Unveils SAP, VDI And FCoE
News  |  11/11/2010  | 
Cisco and EMC's VCE (Virtual Computing Environment) Coalition, cofunded by VMware and Intel, has announced the latest evolution of its Vblock platform, including SAP, VMware and Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) enhancements. Through Vblock, VCE ( is delivering what it calls the industry's first completely integrated IT offering, pre-integrated and tested product suites that combine virtualization, server, networking, storage, management and security technologies.
Meraki Introduces Cloud Managed 802.11n Access Points
News  |  11/10/2010  | 
Less than an inch think with internal antennas, both the dual concurrent and single radio access points can support more than 100 users.
Windows Phone 7: 40,000 Units Sold On Day One
News  |  11/10/2010  | 
Microsoft's new mobile platform isn't breaking any sales records out of the gate.
Enterprise 2.0: Cisco Broadening Quad To Cloud
News  |  11/10/2010  | 
The networking powerhouse is poised to extend its Unified Communications-centric collaboration product, currently available as a hosted version for large enterprises, by adding a cloud-based iteration aimed at the SMB market.
Top 20 Apps For Managing Social Media
Slideshows  |  11/9/2010  | 
Social media from Twitter to Facebook, LinkedIn to YouTube creates opportunities for building relationships, cultivating customers and promoting business, but the sea of updates and input awash with data both important and consequential can drown all but the most dogged of users. Fortunately, app developers have created more than a few devices to make keeping afloat in the social media waters manageable, sane and even productive. Yet even the tools intended to help users navigate social media ar
Cisco Rolls Out Rugged Embeded Services Router
News  |  11/9/2010  | 
Cisco is rolling out a new family of routers that will eventually replace its 3200 series of rugged Integrated Services Routers (ISRs). The networking giant says it has done well with the 3270 router, which will be retired December 2011, but the biggest customer complaints were that Cisco got the size, weight and power wrong. It's replacement is already being called a "game-changer".
Force10 Enhances Open Automation Framework With SmartScripts And HyperLink
News  |  11/9/2010  | 
Force10 is announcing SmartScripts, which lets administrators write and run scripts on Force10 switches. The company is also announcing HyperLink, which integrates Force10 switches with hypervisors. Both features are part of Force10's Open Automation Framework initiative announced in March, 2010. SmartScripts and Hyperlink streamline switch management by automating the many tedious network management tasks. Automation is foundational for getting the most out of a virtualized data center design.
96% Of Businesses Plan To Adopt UC
News  |  11/8/2010  | 
Google is challenging Microsoft on corporate email and Cisco is the leader in VoIP, according a survey on Unified Communications from Infonetics Research.
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