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FCC's Martin Calls For 'A La Carte' Cable Pricing
News  |  11/30/2005  | 
Cable, entertainment industry reps opppose FCC view during informal "indecency" hearing in D.C.
Cisco May Soon Top WLAN Switch Market: Report
News  |  11/30/2005  | 
It gained 22% market share in 3Q, just behind Symbol's 28%; purchase of Airespace may put it over the top.
Out Of Alignment?
Commentary  |  11/30/2005  | 
Getting IT and business managers on the same page is a frequent topic of conversation these days. Most IT managers I speak to bring up that desire to work closely with their business counterparts, unprompted. But efforts to achieve that alignment don't always result in the business benefits both executives and IT professionals seek to achieve. Optimize magazine's most recent survey of CIOs of Fortune 3000 companies found
HP Launches Formal Utility Computing Service
News  |  11/29/2005  | 
Customers can buy access to basic IT infrastructure, including server, storage, network, operating system, and associated HP management tools, and pay per CPU hour.
Broadband Over Powerline To Light Up Utilities
News  |  11/29/2005  | 
Though still a niche market, broadband networking over power lines -- whether in the home or in the wider area -- could turn out to be a major
Wi-Fi Chip Sales To Hit 120 Million This Year: Report
News  |  11/29/2005  | 
In-Stat says 100 million chipsets have already shipped; shipments have been growing at an annual rate of 64%.
Too Much Time
Commentary  |  11/29/2005  | 
Cell service has improved enough that enterprises are now comfortable relying on the technology to conduct business. But improved service quality has not come with corresponding advances in the cost-effectiveness of contracts. Consider your own personal cell phone contract: Are you satisfied with it or are you paying for minutes you will never use? If you have too much of a good thing, then you aren't alone.
VoIP Growth Vastly Outpacing Traditional Voice
News  |  11/28/2005  | 
VoIP system sales over the last year dwarfed that of traditional voice system sales, according to a new research report issued Monday by investment firm Merrill Lynch, New York, N.Y.
Cisco Offers Partners New Upgrade Incentives
News  |  11/28/2005  | 
Starting off this week, Cisco Systems has launched a new program that will help its partners take full advantage of current technology-upgrade cycles.
When Will IPTV Make Its Big Debut?
News  |  11/28/2005  | 
IPTV is the future of TV, say analysts, but adoption has been slow. When will the technology finally hit the big time?
Waiting For Proof
Commentary  |  11/28/2005  | 
CA is making a big play to revamp its image -- and rescue its future -- with a new name, 26 new products, a new strategy but the jury is still out on what the vendor's prospects are. In last week's Systems Management Pipeline poll, most of the respondents say they are still at least somewhat skeptical about CA's software and the company's future. Seventy-two percent said that CA's past mistakes are causing them t
Going With The Flow
News  |  11/28/2005  | 
Flow-based network monitoring provides managers with more useful information, such as application performance, server balancing, and bandwidth usage.
Outsourcing: IT Threat Or Opportunity?
Commentary  |  11/23/2005  | 
Just in time for the holidays come dire predictions likely to send a chill through the hearts of most U.S. IT professionals. An upcoming Congressional report is forecasting difficult times ahead for domestic IT workers, thanks in large part to the way that technology itself has helped erase geographic boundaries and make it possible for less expensive offshore workers to compete and win jobs from U.S. employees.
Next-Generation Network Gear Sales Up 70% In 3rd Q: Report
News  |  11/23/2005  | 
Sales of next-generation network (NGN) equipment experienced a sharp rise in the third quarter, as carriers and service providers continue to deploy advanced network services
Home Networking Chip Start-up Raises $14.5 Million
News  |  11/23/2005  | 
Home and multimedia networking chip start-up CopperGate Communications has closed a third round of financing, raising $14.5 million.
VARs Find Big VoIP Opportunities In Commercial Space
News  |  11/22/2005  | 
As the market for VoIP technology continues to boom, partners are finding that the commercial market may be outpacing the enterprise in its ability to provide ready-made sales opportunities.
VoIP IC Market To Rocket To $1.3 Billion By 2009
News  |  11/22/2005  | 
In-Stat finds that the VoIP IC market will expand more than 600% from $208.7 million last year to $1.3 billion in 2009.
Windows Forever
Commentary  |  11/22/2005  | 
Chicago, Cairo, Vista -- all names of Windows works in progress and all part of the amazing software spin strategy that Microsoft pioneered with so much success. By revealing tantilizing details of coming Windows versions, the software giant has kept corporate IT departments focused on Windows and hopeful about the the future even as system administrators and their end users often grumbled over their current operating system. So, now after
Broadband Over Power Lines: Ready For A Big Breakthrough?
News  |  11/21/2005  | 
Broadband over power lines, which delivering Internet access to homeowners and businesses, is finally becoming a reality as pilots and tests abound.
Wi-Fi Marries Broadband Over Power Lines: The Best Of Both Worlds?
News  |  11/21/2005  | 
Unique pilot project combines Wi-Fi with broadband over power line access.
Skype Taking VoIP To Retail Via Radio Shack
News  |  11/21/2005  | 
Skype is about to start offering VoIP kits in thousands of Radio Shack stores, ratcheting up its already tight competition with Vonage.
Skype Launches Big Retail Blitz With RadioShack
News  |  11/21/2005  | 
In the first phase of a retail blitz, Skype telephone kits will sold in 3,500 RadioShack stores across the U.S. today.
By The Book
Commentary  |  11/21/2005  | 
There may be plenty of grumbling around water coolers about recent changes in the government regulatory environments but, like it or not, those compliance dictates are here to stay. Last week's poll shows that regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and FISMA have affected the majority of companies. Seventy-seven percent of the survey respondents have made an investment, whether it is personnel resources o
Solving The Storage Riddle
News  |  11/21/2005  | 
Businesses employ a variety of storage services to help them chart their way through proliferating storage options (Originally published in Information Week)
Abernathy Resignation Could Cause GOP Minority At FCC
News  |  11/18/2005  | 
GOP chairman Martin could be left in the minority on the five-person commission, depending on the timing of replacements.
Style Conscious
Commentary  |  11/18/2005  | 
This is the age of analyzing everything ad nauseum so why should examining management styles be any different. Consider yourself -- or own boss--what is your manager's administrative philosphy? Is your boss a micromanager who needs to weigh in on every decision or a laid back manager who may be a little too distant when you need a backup? Or does your boss employ a crisis management style where it is all about command and
DSL Sales Are Up, Revenue Down in 3rd Q: Report
News  |  11/18/2005  | 
DSL aggregation hardware sales continued their growth curve last quarter, despite a slight drop in revenues, according to a new report from Infonetics Research.
Friday Freebies
Commentary  |  11/18/2005  | 
Happy Friday! Today we've got three freebies for you. The first is an On-Demand office suite, gOffice. This hosted office suite offers you the functionality of a productivity suite in a web browser, with a rich text editor and presentation...
Database Auditing and Monitoring
News  |  11/18/2005  | 
This edition looks at Imperva's SecureSphere Database Security Gateway. We also spotlight products from Tizor, Corticon and UpLogix.
Olympic IT Team Seeks Gold Security Standard
News  |  11/18/2005  | 
The IT security team for the 2006 Winter Olympics learned from the previous Games that they need to filter and correlate their network alarms with more specificity--and that the insider
Egenera BladeFrame ES
News  |  11/18/2005  | 
Although you may not save space, the powerful BladeFrame ES is high-end, highly virtual and a realistic mini-computer replacement.
3Com Switch 5500G-EI
News  |  11/18/2005  | 
We put the new 3Com stackable switches to the test. Their manageability and support for VLANs, RADIUS authentication, 802.1x access control and PoE add up to a grand slam.
Tape Encryption Devices: Host-based vs. Appliance
News  |  11/18/2005  | 
How will you be judged if one of your company's backup tapes falls into the wrong hands? We examine the strengths and weaknesses of a host-based tape encryption product and
Alert To Trouble
Commentary  |  11/17/2005  | 
There is always room for improvement in IT. Event notification is no exception. Yes, event management applications can send alerts to IT using a variety of mechanisms including via pagers. However, complaints about just how real-time these alerts are are common as the technology behind the event notification is often antiquated.
Whoooooooo are you?
Commentary  |  11/17/2005  | 
You almost need an ID management product to keep track of who acquired who in this space. Oracle announced its acquisition of ID management vendor Thor Technologies this morning, for an undisclosed sum. Now, in case you were wondering what...
IBM Announces Telecom Transition Solutions, Labs
News  |  11/17/2005  | 
IBM has announced Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystems offerings to help telecommunications service providers move from legacy networks to converged next-generation networks.
Router And Switch Sales Show Strong 3Q: Report
News  |  11/17/2005  | 
IP router and switch sales and revenues showed strong growth in the third quarter of 2005, according to Infonetics Research, with security-enabled hardware showing particularly significant gains
IP.4.IT Special Coverage: The "Google-ization" of IT
News  |  11/16/2005  | 
Is your IT department ready to roll out flexible services built on top of an open, IP-based architecture? It better be, say tech leaders at this week's IP.4.IT show, pointing
China Telecom Launches Major IPTV Deployment In Shanghai
News  |  11/16/2005  | 
China Telecom will deploy UTStarcom's mVision Internet television (IPTV) system as part of a new service to be launched to 5,000 subscribers in Shanghai by the end of this year
The Future Starts Now
Commentary  |  11/16/2005  | 
Remember when 1999 sounded like the distant future? Now it is more like the distant past. In the last decade alone, we've witnessed stunning technological advances that are changing the world as the Internet makes distance disappear and wireless gives us the flexibility we need now in this always-connected age.
Pelosi Calls For More Broadband, Federal R&D Funding
News  |  11/15/2005  | 
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday unveiled her party's formula for boosting U.S. innovation in technology and other scientific fields.
A10 Jumps Into Security Appliance Race
News  |  11/15/2005  | 
Latest entrant in identity-management box battle claims its appliance can also manage and synchronize client data.
Prove Your Worth
Commentary  |  11/15/2005  | 
Sure, companies depend on their infrastructures to run their businesses but that doesn't mean IT gets a blank check. In fact, it is just the opposite as IT organizations are under constant pressure to demonstrate their value to the corporation. And in this age of "do more for less," you know the powers that be will have no problem making cuts if you can't prove your worth. The constant demand for IT to quantify its value to the company has made
Infoblox Debuts Network Identity Appliance For SMBs
News  |  11/15/2005  | 
Infoblox Inc. has launched a new network identity appliance designed to allow small and mid-sized businesses gain greater flexibility and control over granting access to their networks.
Internet Security Market To Reach $58 Billion By 2010
News  |  11/15/2005  | 
The global Internet security market is expected to grow at an annual 16 percent over the next five years to reach $58.1 billion by 2010, according to a soon to
Acquisition of the Week
Commentary  |  11/15/2005  | stuff out there this week. Citrix made another acquisition, this time targeting web appplication firewall vendor Teros. This coming on the not so distant acquisition of layer 7 load balancer and application acceleration vendor, Netscaler. The Teros offering will...
Broadband Reaches Over 40 Million In U.S.
News  |  11/14/2005  | 
The 20 largest cable and DSL providers in the U.S. acquired 2.6 million new subscribers in the third quarter.
A Brand New Day For CA
Commentary  |  11/14/2005  | 
Computer Associates is no more. The vendor is shedding its name in favor of its acronym and with that change, the often-beleagured company is hoping to leave its image as a frequent subject of scandal in the past. CA's name change, announced at the company's CA World user and partner conference this week, is the least significant aspect of the company's efforts to
Sloppy Habits Lead To Mobile Security Shambles -- Report
News  |  11/14/2005  | 
A third of professionals using mobile devices such as PDAs and smartphones do not use passwords or any other security protection, according to a survey by Pointsec Mobile Technologies.
Fixing Your Network's Five Worst Bottlenecks
News  |  11/14/2005  | 
Got a bogged-down, sluggish network? The problem likely isn't that you've outgrown your infrastructure -- you have some serious bottlenecks. Here's how to fix your network's five biggest bottlenecks.
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