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Pre-Halloween Snowstorm Drives Home Power Of Social
News  |  10/31/2011  | 
A rare late-October snowstorm in the Northeast illustrates how social has changed the way we communicate--and the ways businesses can leverage social media or be burned by it.
Facebook's Open Compute Summit Pushes Open Hardware For The High End
Commentary  |  10/28/2011  | 
At the Open Compute Summit this week in New York, Frank Frankovsky, Facebook’s director of hardware design and supply chain, opened the proceedings by saying, "Open source is not just something that you can use to describe software, but also to describe the hardware space." That is the goal for the Open Compute Project, which aims to spur the development of cheaper servers and more efficient data centers.
Cisco Secures, Supercharges ISR G2s With Hardware-Accelerated VPNs
News  |  10/28/2011  | 
Customers looking for more performance and security in their branch operations should find the plug-and-play Cisco VPN Internal Service Module for the ISR G2 family very attractive, especially for the public sector, say company officials. The compact VPN blade provides up to three times better throughput for IPSec VPN encrypted traffic, as well as support for the latest encryption standards. These include stronger NSA-regulated encryption algorithms such as Suite-B, which has been selected for u
Google+ Invites Enterprise Customers
News  |  10/27/2011  | 
Google's social network becomes available to Google Apps users and adds content discovery features and photo editing capabilities.
Hiring App's Secret Sauce: Social Media Bragging
News  |  10/27/2011  | 
Unrabble candidate screening system asks applicants to deconstruct their resumes into achievements, backed up by social media references.
Why Simpler Social Media Works For Network Marketers
Commentary  |  10/27/2011  | 
Juice Plus+ reps demonstrate that sophisticated Web 2.0 strategies aren't best for all businesses. Sometimes a bare-bones approach to the Web makes sense.
Juniper Offers OpenFlow Source Code To Developers
News  |  10/26/2011  | 
Juniper Networks is jumping on the OpenFlow bandwagon, putting the OpenFlow source code in the Junos SDK. The company says that the OpenFlow application works within the SDK to change the control plane to create more dynamic network programmability for custom applications that run on top of the Junos operating system.
Meru Network Embraces BYOD, Offers Beefy New Hardware
Commentary  |  10/26/2011  | 
Lately, the solutions I've analyzed through the lens of BYOD have usually had something to do with smartphone and application management. But Wi-Fi vendors are also well aware of the procedural and technical complexities spawned by clients that show up with all sorts of gadgets that need to simply work on the WLAN. Meru Networks has recently introduced a new feature set for its WLAN product line that helps with BYOD and other aspects of today's changing wireless landscape.
10 Scariest Enterprise Social Networking Mistakes
News  |  10/26/2011  | 
With Halloween just around the corner, consider these 10 frightening mistakes that companies must avoid as they brave the labyrinth that is social networking.
IBM's Rometty To Replace Palmisano As CEO
News  |  10/25/2011  | 
Rometty, a big picture type who can also talk details, will come to the job armed with the sales exec's ability to connect with key customers.
Fast Food 2.0: The Burger Goes Social
News  |  10/25/2011  | 
One SMB, 4food, uses crowdsourcing, iPads, and a technology obsession to rewrite the recipe for casual dining and compete against better-funded restaurants.
9 LinkedIn Etiquette Tips
News  |  10/25/2011  | 
Consider this advice on how to put your best foot forward on the most business-like of social networks.
Will Google Music Go Social?
News  |  10/24/2011  | 
Google is said to be following in the footsteps of Apple and Facebook by linking music listening to social networking.
HP Says It's Getting Larger In Cisco's Rear-View Mirror
News  |  10/24/2011  | 
HP is responding to a Cisco Systems study that says HP's networking equipment is not as cheap as HP claims by sharing industry figures that show HP's message is resonating with Cisco customers, a third of which are reportedly switching to HP. At the same time, soon-to-be-published survey results from InformationWeek show that, while Cisco maintains a commanding lead in networking market share, awareness of HP as a credible alternative is growing.
Can Google+ Become A Biz Collaboration Tool?
News  |  10/24/2011  | 
Facebook vs. Google+ gets all the attention. But it may be Yammer that needs to watch its back.
VMware Gets 'Set It And Forget It' Monitoring
News  |  10/21/2011  | 
Uptime delivers enterprise-grade VMware performance and capacity management for 20% of the cost of the Big 4 vendors.
Can OpenFlow Unlock More of Virtualization's Potential?
News  |  10/21/2011  | 
Virtualization has bumped up against some network inefficiencies. Software-defined networking, an alternative to legacy networks, could help.
Cisco Fellow On Possible Threat To Cisco Of OpenFlow: 'Folks Get This'
News  |  10/21/2011  | 
Software-defined networking, an emerging technology that moves intelligence out of switches and routers to a software controller, is seen as a potential threat to networking vendors, particularly market leader Cisco Systems. A Cisco fellow speaking at an SDN conference this week said the company is aware of the situation and is preparing to deal with it.
Google+: Users Want More Features
News  |  10/20/2011  | 
Google+ has great potential, but users of the social network are frustrated with Google's method of rolling out features that they want.
Facebook Not A Threat, LinkedIn Claims
News  |  10/20/2011  | 
People with advanced degrees are three times more likely to use LinkedIn, says LinkedIn exec Reid Hoffman at Web 2.0 Summit.
Google+, Facebook Duel On Social Media Models
News  |  10/20/2011  | 
Google+ integration with Google Apps coming soon, while Facebook sees social context added to more services.
What's Next For Google+
News  |  10/19/2011  | 
Vic Gundotra and surprise guest Sergey Brin tell Web 2.0 Summit crowd what's ahead--including Google+ brand pages.
Digg Founder Rose Shows Oink Social Tool
News  |  10/19/2011  | 
Oink, one of the first products from Kevin Rose's startup, promises to help you find good things--from wine to roller coasters.
Coca-Cola Drinks In New Social Data
News  |  10/19/2011  | 
How does a drink dispenser become a "connection machine"? Web 2.0 Summit attendees heard about Coca-Cola's social and big data plans.
BlueStripe Provides Insight Into Why Apps Fail
News  |  10/18/2011  | 
BlueStripe Software wants to answer the question of why apps have performance problems with the new release of its automated application management and transaction monitoring product, FactFinder. With version 5.5, the company has enhanced the transaction-tracking analytics to more effectively map out the multiple tiers of an application.
Uptime Offers 'Set It And Forget It' VMware Performance And Capacity Management
News  |  10/18/2011  | 
Toronto-based Uptime software is adding VMware monitoring to the latest release of its IT systems management performance and capacity software for midmarket and enterprise organizations. Expected to ship later this month, up.time 6, billed as "set it and forget it" VMware performance and capacity management, delivers enterprise-grade VMware monitoring and management to companies of all sizes for a fraction of the cost of competing solutions, says the company.
Foursquare CEO: We're Not Groupon
News  |  10/18/2011  | 
CEO Dennis Crowley says his service will win by doing more for merchants and end-users--and Facebook and Google have been copying his work.
Virtualization ROI: How One SMB Saved $814,000
News  |  10/18/2011  | 
Baldwin-Wallace College CIO finds benefits beyond dollars-and-cents, shares advice for IT leaders at other small and midsize businesses.
VMware Unveils Cloud Management Tools
News  |  10/18/2011  | 
Virtualization specialist wants to automate many of the tasks demanded by SaaS environments.
Twitter CEO: Google+, Facebook Can Wage Features War
News  |  10/18/2011  | 
Dick Costolo tells Web 2.0 Summit audience that Twitter will compete and win on simplicity, not match every rival feature.
Facebook Is Web's Future, Say Parker and Benioff
News  |  10/18/2011  | 
Spotify, execs tee off on leveraging Facebook's tight grip on power for their companies' benefit.
IBM's Tivoli Tries To Change With The Times
News  |  10/17/2011  | 
In 1996, IBM purchased Tivoli Systems to bolster its systems and network management capabilities. Since then, the vendor has used acquisitions and internal development to create a comprehensive product line, garnered a significant following among large enterprises and emerged as a top-tier supplier. "IBM is IBM. It is a significant force in the network and systems management market," says Jean-Pierre Garbani, VP at Forrester Research.
IPv6: Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object
News  |  10/17/2011  | 
What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? In this case, the unstoppable force is the accelerating growth of the Internet combined with the imminent end of available IPv4 addresses. The current demand for Internet addresses has been averaging 250 million per year, but the ongoing growth of mobile connections is expected to surge 11% to 5.6 billion this year, according to Gartner. Meanwhile, the nascent machine-to-machine connectivity market--or, the "Internet of Things"--i
IBM Posts Q3 Gains On Smarter Planet, Analytics Push
News  |  10/17/2011  | 
Big Blue sees strong growth in strategic segments, but shares slump after sales disappoint.
Is Your Network "Cloud Ready"?
Commentary  |  10/17/2011  | 
I am as tired of the whole "cloud" blitz as you are. But I can assure you that someone will ask you if your network is cloud-ready at some point this year. It is easy to just say "yes," but is that the truth? What does being cloud-ready mean? That depends. Do you plan on being the cloud, using the cloud or both? Let's leave being the cloud alone for now and talk about using the cloud. Is your network ready to use the cloud? Here are some steps you need to take before you say yes.
Infoblox Aims To Ease Growing IP Address Management Headaches
News  |  10/14/2011  | 
As more and more Internet-enabled devices find their way onto company networks, the task of managing IP addresses and DNS requests for these devices becomes harder and harder. Network infrastructure vendor Infoblox has released the Trinzic Multi-Grid Manager, a new appliance designed to handle large amounts of DNS and DHCP traffic.
Fretting Over 802.11ac
Commentary  |  10/14/2011  | 
Call me a downer, call me a cynic, but I consider myself a realist. The not-yet-draft version of IEEE 802.11ac is building up steam just off the wireless stage, and I'm here to tell my fellow wireless network administrators that now is the time to start worrying.
Three Leaders Make The Most Of Your WAN
News  |  10/13/2011  | 
Our IT Pro Ranking report evaluates six WAN optimization vendors.
Cisco VDI Blitz Includes Tighter Citrix Relationship
News  |  10/13/2011  | 
Cisco is looking to carve a bigger slice out of the desktop virtualization market with new products, services and an expanded relationship with VDI powerhouse Citrix Systems. The networking company says that hundreds of customers have rolled out Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View deployments based on Cisco data center solutions.
Cisco Challenges HP Claim That Its Networking Equipment Is Cheapest
News  |  10/12/2011  | 
Cisco Systems has released a study it commissioned that challenges HP's claim that its networking equipment is 30% to 50% less expensive than Cisco's. The study, shared on a Cisco webcast Monday, shows that while the upfront cost of HP equipment is less, when the TCO of the network over five years is factored in, the Cisco premium shrinks to only 4% to 7% and that the quality of Cisco network technology is worth that modest premium.
Google+ Down, Or Out? Reader Debate Heats Up
News  |  10/12/2011  | 
Whether Google+ is dead (or even down for the count) sparks passionate opinions from readers.
OpenFlow's Impact: The Industry Debate Rages
News  |  10/11/2011  | 
What's new about the networking protocol, and why some argue it isn't a game changer.
Narus Adds Analytics Tool To Network Traffic Scanner
News  |  10/11/2011  | 
A company that offers software to scan computer networks for trouble is adding analytics capabilities to better determine the source of that trouble. Narus has upgraded its NarusInsight Solution for Cyber Protection and added NarusInsight Solution for Cyber Analytics for deeper analysis of network anomalies.
WLANs Evolve With vWLAN 2.1
Commentary  |  10/11/2011  | 
The evolution of the WLAN industry has been a curious, somewhat flip-floppy study in design philosophy. Stand-alone, intelligent access points got the party started more than a decade ago, and somewhere along the line lost favor to controller-based super systems. Now the big, expensive controller has become a target for frequent criticism as a growing number of vendors present innovative alternatives to funneling all WLAN traffic back to a central processing point. Bluesocket is among the latest
Sourcefire Claims First IPS For 40 GbE
News  |  10/11/2011  | 
In what Sourcefire calls an industry first, the security vendor's latest additions to its intrusion protection systems appliance lineup allow quad stacking to grow throughput to over 40 Gbps of IPS inspection for Ethernet networks in 10 Gbps increments. Best known for Snort--its free, open-source network intrusion prevention and detection system (IPS/IDS)--Sourcefire is introducing the mid-market (3D7000 series) additions to its high-end (3D8000 series) systems and the SSL Appliance for "lightni
WildPackets WatchPoint Combines SNMP With Packet-Based Monitoring
News  |  10/10/2011  | 
WildPackets' new version of its WatchPoint network monitoring and reporting product includes support for SNMP, which means that users could conceivably use the product for most typical SNMP monitoring requirements, rather than having to buy a separate product to provide that functionality. WatchPoint 2.0 offers flow-based network monitoring and reporting functions, as well.
7 Surprising Things You Can Do On LinkedIn
News  |  10/7/2011  | 
LinkedIn is a rich networking environment that is getting richer all the time. We've put together a few suggestions for new ways you can use the platform.
Virtualization Vs. Networking
News  |  10/6/2011  | 
Server VMs create new problems for switching, security.
New Xirrus XR Wireless Array Debuts At Interop New York
News  |  10/6/2011  | 
Wireless technology vendor Xirrus, whose previous generation of wireless arrays helped to provide Wi Fi access to Interop attendees, released their new wireless Array at the NYC edition of the show.
OpenFlow Tutorial: Next-Gen Networking Has Much To Prove
News  |  10/6/2011  | 
The emerging protocol promises to make it easier to deal with virtualization while also using lower-cost switches.
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