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NTT DoCoMo Plans $3.3 Billion LTE Investment
News  |  10/29/2010  | 
Two-year rollout of 4G technology will start in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, Japan.
Carlyle Bids $6.5 Billion For Telecoms
News  |  10/29/2010  | 
Acquisition of CommScope and Synerverse would give the private equity firm a foothold in 4G wireless.
Now We Know What Dell Will Do
Commentary  |  10/29/2010  | 
Back on September 29th, Dell announced new capabilities and services to its Virtual Integrated System (VIS) architecture. A few days before VMworld I met with senior Dell representatives in San Francisco where they explained VIS and how well the overall architecture and combined Dell services have enabled their customers to heavily leverage virtual technologies. Dell customer Black Board attended this meeting providing testimonial on the implementation of the VIS architecture and that they are
Verizon Paying FCC $25M To Settle 'Mystery Fees'
News  |  10/28/2010  | 
FCC's Genachowski says agency will oversee Verizon as it refunds overcharged phone customers at least $52.8 million.
China Claims World's Fastest Supercomputer
News  |  10/28/2010  | 
The Tianhe-1A hits 2.507 petaflops, surpassing the Cray XT5 Jaguar of the U.S., but the official word will come from International Supercomputing Conference in Germany.
Microsoft, Yahoo Combine Paid Search
News  |  10/27/2010  | 
Bing and Yahoo paid search listings will now use the same platform, Microsoft's adCenter, allowing advertisers to reach almost a third of U.S. and Canadian Internet.
Encrypt SAN Data At The Host? Emulex Says Yes
Commentary  |  10/27/2010  | 
Whether it's fear of losing valuable or embarrassing data or just playing it safe, the security folks in your organization are probably encouraging you to encrypt as much of your data as possible both in flight and at rest. Emulex's newest encrypting Fibre Channel HBAs (Host Bus Adapters) adds another arrow to storage admin's quiver for encrypting your data and tracking the all important keys.
T-Mobile Launching Tethering Plan
News  |  10/26/2010  | 
For an extra $14.99 per month, customers will be able to share their Internet connection with a 3G or HSPA+ device.
Force10 Targets Data Center Efficiency With Network Automation
News  |  10/26/2010  | 
Management and architectural tools will support Oracle VM server for virtualization in Linux environments.
Force10 Networks Announces Support For Oracle Vm And Oracle Linux For Its Virtualization Solutions
News  |  10/26/2010  | 
Force10 Networks, Inc., a global technology leader that data center, service provider and enterprise customers rely on when the network is their business, today announced plans to build network automation solutions that support Oracle VM server for x86 virtualization software and Oracle Linux. Force10 will help ensure interoperability and complementary virtualization of network resources as they develop virtualization solutions based on their Open Automation Framework while utilizing the functio
Webroot Enhances Reporting
News  |  10/26/2010  | 
Webroot has announced a new version of its Webroot Web Security Service that is focused on reporting Web activity providing interactive reports on bandwidth trends and employee attempts to gain access to blocked websites. The service also includes a new reporting structure with improved access to data. Other new features include improved cloud-based access to scanning, providing weekly and monthly tests for more than 400 common vulnerabilities, particularly those on Microsoft Windows-based compu
Cleversafe Enhances Storage Service; Wins CIA Funding
News  |  10/26/2010  | 
Cleversafe announced a new version of its Cleversafe cloud storage platform with three key improvements in thin provisioning, secure transport, and disk balancing. Cleversafe Monday announced a strategic investment and development agreement with In-Q-Tel, a private, not-for-profit company launched by the Central Intelligence Agency in 1999 to identify and develop cutting-edge technology used for intelligence purposes.
Emulex FC Host Bus Adapter Encrypts Network Storage
News  |  10/26/2010  | 
Emulex is introducing a new data encryption appliance and software solution Tuesday that emphasizes host-based encryption, which it claims is simpler and less expensive to use than encryption on disks, in databases or elsewhere on the network. The offering includes the OneSecure host-bus adapter (HBA) hardware, the OneCommand Guardian software for encryption and the OneCommand Key Manager for securing the keys that decrypt sensitive data.
Releasing Firesheep: Right Intention, Wrong Action
Commentary  |  10/25/2010  | 
Eric Butler released Firesheep, a Firefox extension that makes stealing others' Web sessions trivial. Firesheep steals the cookies associated with a user session and then uses the cookie to let you, the attacker, start a new HTTP session impersonating the victim. It's trivial. All you need is to be able to sniff the traffic over the air or off the wire. I spent all of 3 minutes downloading and installing Firesheep before I hijacked my wife's Facebook session. It also works on other common socia
Apple 'iDataCenter' Ready To Open
News  |  10/25/2010  | 
A new $1 billion data center in North Carolina may be the precursor to future iTunes streaming services.
Businesses Hazy On Security Of Cloud Applications
News  |  10/25/2010  | 
Nearly two-thirds of organizations don't have a complete picture of what resources their employees are accessing, finds a Courion survey.
Checkpoint's Mobile Access Blade: VPN For iPad And iPhone
News  |  10/25/2010  | 
Check Point Software Technologies is entering the device access control market with their Mobile Access Software Blade. The new blade provides secure SSL VPN connectivity and certificate-based two-factor authentication to a mobile device-specific portal to email and other business applications -- CRM, Share Point, inventory tracking, purchasing systems, corporate intranet, etc. Mobile Access Software initially supports Apple's iPhone and iPad, and other device support is forth coming.
Shortel Gets Enterprise Mobility Platform With Agito Buy
News  |  10/22/2010  | 
BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia Symbian and Windows Mobile phones are interoperable with Agito's platform, which enables users to communicate on any device at any location over any network.
Data Center Top Of Mind At Interop 2010
Commentary  |  10/22/2010  | 
Our intrepid Syracuse graduates students Harshit Kapoor, Anirudh Nagesh, Shruti Worlikar, Lingwen Zzhang returned with more reports from Interop. Cloud computing and data center are top of mind for organizations and there was no shortage sessions dedicated to dusting out the corners. But let's not forget that there is more to IT than the data center. Mobile applications are becoming key IT innovations.
Arbor Networks' Peakflow Adds Mitigation And Geography-Based Detection
News  |  10/22/2010  | 
Arbor Networks' latest release of its flagship PeakFlow SP DDoS detection and mitigation and network management product offers geo-political IP alerting on traffic spikes from suspect countries and IPv6 BGP support for greater visibility into traffic flows. With Peakflow SP 5.5, Arbor is also offering a stand-alone version of its Threat Management System appliance, allowing carriers and enterprises to rapidly deploy DDoS mitigation in the face of attacks.
Amazon To Offer Free Cloud Services
News  |  10/21/2010  | 
A "micro" Linux server in the Elastic Compute Cloud will be free for a year as an inducement for prospects to try their first cloud experience.
Google Plans Ultrafast Broadband At Stanford
News  |  10/21/2010  | 
Several hundred homes belonging to Stanford faculty and staff will soon see Internet speeds that are 100 times faster than typical broadband speeds.
Brocade's New 10Gb Switch And CNA For IBM BladeCenter
News  |  10/21/2010  | 
Brocade has announced that it is the first vendor to release an embedded 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switch module and Converged Network Adapter (CNA) for IBM BladeCenter server environments. Customer benefits include a reduction of 50 percent switches and adapters while preserving RAS features and 50 percent fewer managed nodes (switches and adapters). There are also 50 percent fewer cables, lower power and cooling costs, and ten times the performance and lossless converged networks. It is 100 pe
HP Starts New Certification Programs For Multi-Vendor Environments
News  |  10/21/2010  | 
HP said Wednesday that it's revamping its certification programs to reflect the reality that most data centers are heterogeneous environments with multiple brands of equipment in them. It also plans to create a converged infrastructure certification program to train people how to operate the overall data center, not just siloed training in servers, storage, software or networking.
Palo Alto Application Usage And Risk Report Suggests Policy On Acceptable Use
News  |  10/21/2010  | 
In its latest edition of the Application Usage and Risk Report, Palo Alto Networks, the network security company, draws attention to several realities that typically fall outside of the approved enterprise communications mechanisms. These applications can enhance business responsiveness and performance - but, conversely - introduce inbound risks such as malware and vulnerability exploits, and outbound risks such as data loss and inadvertent sharing of private or proprietary data. The report adv
What's Right And Wrong About IOV On The Motherboard
Commentary  |  10/21/2010  | 
Two months ago we were talking about when IOV would make it to the motherboard. Representatives from Xsigo played down the whole concept, arguing it was still premature . Perhaps they were right, or perhaps it was just misdirection on the part of Jon Toor, vice president of marketing at Xsigo, because buried in the details of HP's new server introduction, the SL6500 was IOV on the motherboard. The back and forth illustrates what's right and wrong in today's IOV world.
IBM Offers Cloud Security Planning And Assessment Services
News  |  10/21/2010  | 
IBM is augmenting its cloud security offerings with three new professional services to help enterprises plan for and implement appropriate security policies, processes and controls in migrating to the cloud. These include Security Strategy Roadmap for organizations planning to purchase or provide cloud services, Security Assessment for existing and/or planned cloud initiatives, and Application Security Services to determine appropriate controls to secure business applications and the sensitive d
Vu Introduces Telepresence System For Remote Offices, SMBs
News  |  10/20/2010  | 
Vu TelePresence Pro and Premier provide video and audio connections for up to five locations and can functions with as little as 700 to 800kbps upstream speed, according to the vendor.
Logitech Videoconferencing System Scales To Contain Costs
News  |  10/20/2010  | 
LifeSize Bridge offers 16-port building block so users can choose a bridge at a time and avoid a large upfront investment.
LogRhythm Claims Broadest Support For Log Management & SIEM Virtualization
News  |  10/20/2010  | 
Boulder, Colorado-based LogRhythm is jumping on the virtualization bandwagon with what it calls the most deployment options for enterprises, managed security services providers (MSSPs) and cloud service providers. The developer of log and security event management, file integrity monitoring and network and user monitoring in an integrated solution is announcing support for the three leading virtualization platforms: VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer. LogRhythm says that by suppo
Lancope Flowsensor 250 Monitors Remote Offices
News  |  10/20/2010  | 
Lancope is introducing a new Stealthwatch appliance specifically sized and priced for branch offices. The StealthWatch FlowSensor 250 provides NetFlow capabilities for traffic monitoring on smaller networks that may not be large enough to have the NetFlow feature in their routers or switches. The target markets for the FlowSensor 250 are health care institutions, government agencies or retailers that have scores of clinics, offices or stores for which they need network visibility, but the NetFlo
Faster Fibre Channel, Slower Adoption
Commentary  |  10/20/2010  | 
Then there's the pressure from the various 10Gbps Ethernet storage technologies. Smaller organizations that may have implemented Fibre Channel in the past can use NFS or iSCSI over 10Gbps Ethernet while large enterprises can use FCoE and retain the Fibre Channel management tools they've been using. These factors, along with server virtualization, will reduce Fibre Channel port sales, leaving a smaller number of ports across which FC vendors must amortize their development costs.
Verizon Wireless To Announce Tiered Data Plan
News  |  10/19/2010  | 
AT&T introduced a two-tier pricing structure for smartphones, including Apple's iPhone, four months ago and now Verizon is reported to be prepping a $15 per month plan with 150 MB of data.
Cisco Outs The 'Workerless' Office
News  |  10/19/2010  | 
Forget about the future of the paperless office; according to a new survey from Cisco, we need to focus more on the future of the 'workerless office'. The survey of 2,600 IT and non-IT staff in 13 countries, called The Cisco Connected World Report, found that 60 percent of workers believe it is not necessary to be the office to be productive. The same percentage of respondents also claimed they would choose jobs that were lower-paying but had leniency in accessing information outside of the offi
Broadband Over Power Line Gets Surge From Standard
News  |  10/18/2010  | 
Apps could open up in smart energy, transportation and LANs after IEEE ratifies 1901 for data rates exceeding 500 Mbps.
Ruckus Intros Wi-Fi System To Ease Wireless Traffic
News  |  10/18/2010  | 
The end-to-end 802.11n product allows carriers to offload data from clogged cellular networks and keep up with the exploding demand for mobile data.
HSPA, LTE Spur Backhaul Boom
News  |  10/18/2010  | 
Sales of Ethernet infrastructure equipment jumped 36% to $4.8 billion in 2009, forecast to hit $8.2 billion by 2014, as carriers rush to deploy advanced mobile networks.
Venafi Survey: Seventy-Eight Percent Of Organizations Experienced Downtime Due To Mismanaged Encryption
News  |  10/18/2010  | 
Venafi, Inc., the leading provider of automated encryption management solutions including SSL certificate management and enterprise key management recently hosted a live webinar entitled "Security and Availability: SSL Certificate and Key Management," with record registrations and attendance. Venafi invited the 150-plus registrants from the world's largest companies to weigh in on the market problem of downtime caused by increasing encryption deployments, coupled with an acute lack of enterprise
Level 3's New Converged Business Network Simplifies Telecommunications Services For Enterprises
News  |  10/18/2010  | 
Level 3 Communications, Inc. today announced the introduction of its Converged Business Network service, offering its enterprise customers a comprehensive solution to handle all their voice, Internet and data networking needs through one carrier, one circuit and with one bill. The new converged service offers simplified and economical bundles, enabling more efficient management of telecommunications services.
NetLogic Microsystems Expands IPv6 Processing Portfolio
News  |  10/18/2010  | 
NetLogic Microsystems, Inc., a worldwide leader in high-performance intelligent semiconductor solutions for next-generation Internet networks, today announced the availability of its innovative NL10k knowledge-based processors, which are designed in the advanced 40nm process node, to further expand the IPv6 processing portfolio for next-generation switches and routers. The NL10k knowledge-based processors deliver 1.6 billion decisions per second (BDPS) of IPv6 processing while maintaining compat
Qualys Adds Two-Factor Authentication To Service
News  |  10/18/2010  | 
Qualys is now providing two-factor authentication technology to its vulnerability management service customers for free. The software-as-a-service offering is Symantec's VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Authentication Service. Symantec completed its acquisition of VeriSign in August. The VIP Authentication Service is software that is installed on a device, such as a desktop or laptop computer or a smartphone. The user enters a username and password, after which the software generates a six-dig
Xsigo Doubles Virtualized I/O To 40 Gbps
News  |  10/15/2010  | 
Xsigo, the I/O specialist for intensively virtualized environments, has upped the ante with its I/O Director to 40 gigabits per second (Gbps) I/O per physical server. It was previously limited to 20 Gbps. That means 15 virtual machines (VMs) running on a server could be connected to both networking and storage through I/O Director, with one mission-critical VM assigned a high allotment of 10 Gbps of bandwith, while the others would still have over 2 Gbps each, with all traffic traveling over an
SonicWALL Integrates Its Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service Into Firewall Appliances For SMBs
News  |  10/15/2010  | 
SonicWALL, Inc. a leading provider of intelligent network security and data protection solutions, today unveiled its Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service (CASS) 2.0 giving small-to-medium-sized businesses unparalleled and comprehensive protection against spam and malicious code. CASS 2.0 is fully integrated with SonicWALL's Unified Threat Management Firewalls and can be quickly deployed over existing SonicWALL appliances. The new version features one-click deployment, personal configuration and compa
Skype Integrates Facebook, Group Video Calling
News  |  10/14/2010  | 
Windows app update brings the social network directly into the VoIP software; Mac version to follow.
Broadcom To Acquire Beceem For $316 Million
News  |  10/13/2010  | 
Purchase of leading LTE and WiMax technology firm will give Broadcom a foothold in the 4G wireless network market.
Compuware Expands Application Performance Monitoring
News  |  10/13/2010  | 
Compuware has unveiled new products and enhancements to its suite of application performance management (APM) tools and services, all designed to help organizations better understand and improve the performance of applications in the data center and for end users. The Gomez First Mile is a monitoring appliance that's part of Compuware's Gomez software-as-a-service (SaaS) portfolio for monitoring the performance of Web applications. It extends visibility from an end user's browser, across the Int
IT Jobs Outlook Grim For 2011
News  |  10/12/2010  | 
Foote Partners has predicted "slim to no chance" for meaningful IT jobs recovery well into next year.
Aruba Boosts OS' Wireless Device Management
News  |  10/12/2010  | 
To manage Apple's iPad and other wireless devices proliferating in the enterprise, the provider is touting the security and quality management features of Aruba6.0.
Verizon Preparing To Support Simultaneous Voice, Data
News  |  10/12/2010  | 
Gearing for Apple's iPhone to join its lineup next year, the carrier is reportedly upgrading its CDMA network.
Google Backs Wind Power Superhighway
News  |  10/12/2010  | 
By investing in offshore turbines, Google hopes to generate solid returns in addition to renewable power.
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