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The (Few) Ways Vista Makes Office Work Better
News  |  1/31/2007  | 
Office 2007 gains some extra oomph when run on Windows Vista rather than on Windows XP.
Linux Community Takes On Vista With Free Driver Development Service
News  |  1/30/2007  | 
Under the plan, a manufacturer of, say, video cards could submit specs to the Linux kernel community and its members will create a driver for the device that the manufacturer
Microsoft Needs To Go Nimble After Vista
News  |  1/30/2007  | 
One Gartner analyst argues that Web-based applications, and by extension, Web properties like Google, are the future.
Apple Starts Selling 802.11n Software For $2
News  |  1/30/2007  | 
The software activates the 802.11n wireless hardware in most Intel Core 2 Duo- and Xeon-based iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook, and MacBook Pro computers.
Apple Splashes Color On The iPod Shuffle
News  |  1/30/2007  | 
Now you can spend more time trying to match the color of your iPod to your outfit.
Rollout: Cingular's 8525 PDA Phone
News  |  1/30/2007  | 
The first UMTS/HSDPA PDA phone to debut in the United States, Cingular's standards-friendly 8525 should lure customers with high-speed wireless WAN access and its expansive feature set.
Rollout: Reconnex's iGuard 2600
News  |  1/30/2007  | 
iGuard presents an attractive option for organizations interested in monitoring and securing the data that travels on your network.
Rollout: Fluke's OptiView Series III Integrated Network Analyzer
News  |  1/30/2007  | 
Fluke's integrated wired and wireless network analyzer is easy to use and full of useful features. However, it could benefit from a few additions.
Newspapers Smell Profit In Scented Ads
News  |  1/29/2007  | 
Looking to regain losses suffered at the hands of the internet, newspapers like the Wall Street Journal are hoping to entice readers with an odiferous experience.
Broadcom Unveils Chipsets For Bluetooth Headsets
News  |  1/29/2007  | 
The technology also is used to exchange information between laptops, PCs, printers, digital cameras, and video game consoles.
Sony To Launch Flash-Based Mini-Vaio
News  |  1/29/2007  | 
The handheld device is pricey but will run Vista and include a 4.5-inch screen, a keyboard, and wireless.
Does Microsoft's Vista Have Major Mac Envy?
News  |  1/29/2007  | 
Microsoft executives in 2004 were awed by Apple's just-added desktop search and acknowledged that what they did in Windows Vista would be directly compared with Mac OS X.
Microsoft Warns Of Fourth Word Flaw
News  |  1/29/2007  | 
Successful attacks require users to open a malformed Word 2000 file attachment or download one from a malicious Web site.
Apple Fixes Wi-Fi Flaw From 2006
News  |  1/26/2007  | 
Apple has patched a vulnerability in its Mac OS X AirPort Extreme driver, which was made public in late November.
NAC Vendors Vie Over Architecture, Product Direction
News  |  1/26/2007  | 
Although NAC feature sets and technology approaches remain in flux, users are detailing early successes in rolling out NAC in their enterprises.
Linux Mobile Foundation Created To Promote Open Source Software For Mobile Devices
News  |  1/26/2007  | 
Members include Motorola, NEC, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics, and Vodafone.
Los Angeles Times Plans To Reinvent Itself To Compete Online
News  |  1/25/2007  | 
The challenge is to make as much money from its online services as it's losing from the print side.
Data On 28,279 Nationwide Customers Stolen
News  |  1/25/2007  | 
The thieves made off with back-up tapes but would need special data reader with matching software.
Anti-Spyware Rival Slams Microsoft's Windows Defender, Vista
News  |  1/25/2007  | 
Webroot says Windows Defender fails to block many of the security threats that are roaming around the Internet.
Skype Unveils New Features For Business
News  |  1/25/2007  | 
The company augments its service with VoIP call management and other features to help bolster its underperforming bottom line.
Researcher: iPhone Is No Smartphone
News  |  1/25/2007  | 
The difference is that Apple's $500 gizmo is closed to third-party applications.
Consumers Want Better Online Banking Security
News  |  1/25/2007  | 
Consumers are ready to start using stronger authentication technologies and want their banks and brokerage houses to monitor online transactions for suspicious activity.
The NWC Interview: Citrix Systems' Mark Templeton
Commentary  |  1/25/2007  | 
Listen as Robert Hertzberg interviews Citrix Systems' chief executive Mark Templeton about the capabilities he's been adding at a time when his company has passed the $1 billion sales mark. Listen Now...
The Palm OS Clings To Life
News  |  1/25/2007  | 
Palm, the smartphone maker, faces a challenge because it uses an operating system with an uncertain future, and it has a limited ability to change the perception that the "Palm
CompUSA Launches 24/7 Tech Support For Vista
News  |  1/24/2007  | 
TechProLive offers set-up and configuration, upgrading, and troubleshooting.
Seaport Hotel In-Room Portal Converges Voice, Web Services
News  |  1/24/2007  | 
The so-called SeaPortal is unique because it combines telephone and Web services over a service-oriented architecture.
'Diamonds' Could Be A Gadgeteer's Best Friend
News  |  1/24/2007  | 
Tired of scratches, scuffs and dirt ruining the pristine appearance of your RAZRs and iPods? Nokia may have a solution, and a glamorous one at that.
Mobile Music To Top $32 Billion By 2010
News  |  1/24/2007  | 
To keep up momentum, analysts recommend carriers develop aggressive pricing, licensing deals, distribution channels and marketing strategies.
Vista Won't Add To PC Prices
News  |  1/23/2007  | 
At some e-retailers, the price of versions of Vista being sold to smaller computer makers is on average $10 more than comparable versions of Windows XP.
Thieves Busted By GPS-Enabled Booty
News  |  1/22/2007  | 
Three people were arrested and charged after police tracked them back to stolen cell phones.
Cisco Fixing Non-Compliant iPhone
News  |  1/22/2007  | 
Company had not published all of the source code for the Linux-based phone
Nokia Lands High-Speed Wireless Contract From U.S. Army
News  |  1/22/2007  | 
The Army will evaluate High Speed Downlink Packet Access for potential defense purposes Sues Alleged Spammer
News  |  1/22/2007  | 
Lawsuit seeks monetary damages and a permanent injunction barring Scott Richter from the online community.
'Storm' Spam Surges, Infections Climb
News  |  1/22/2007  | 
Newer versions of the spam dumped more infected messages into in-boxes and duped an increasing number of users to launch the files and thus compromise their computers.
Apple Confirms 802.11n Download Fee
News  |  1/19/2007  | 
The company will charge customers $1.99 to download software that will enable 802.11n wireless functionality in the chipsets of most of its Intel Core 2 Duo- and Xeon-based computers.
Air Time: IT Support: Who You Gonna Call?
Commentary  |  1/19/2007  | 
How do you prevent system providers from becoming totally disengaged from the people who rely on their services? Here are several steps that can be taken to improve the status
Federated Identity Management
News  |  1/19/2007  | 
Federation is making it easier to maintain authority across multiple domains. But essential security standards are maturing at an uneven rate. We weigh the risks and rewards of federated ID
CMDBs: An IT Goldmine?
News  |  1/19/2007  | 
Configuration management databases promise to transform IT with the next generation of automation and analytics. But complex proprietary designs could turn real rewards into fools' gold.
Measuring the PC Power Bill
News  |  1/19/2007  | 
Have you been concerned about how much it's costing your company to power all those desktops and laptops? Intel suggests you relax.
The NWC Interview: Citrix Systems' Mark Templeton
News  |  1/19/2007  | 
Citrix Systems' chief executive Mark Templeton talks about the capabilities he's been adding at a time when his company has passed the $1 billion sales mark.
Mac Sales Growth Eclipses Average For PC Companies
News  |  1/18/2007  | 
Unit sales were up 28% for the last 12 months over the same period the year before, but revenues were up even more dramatically: 40%.
Skype Adds Per-Call Connection Fee
News  |  1/18/2007  | 
The charge is not included in certain "unlimited" calling plans.
Report: Apple Gets 50% Margin On iPhone
News  |  1/18/2007  | 
ISuppli reports that consumers wishing for a cheaper device should have hope. There's plenty of room to lower the cost, and the market may demand it.
Rollout: Netreo's OmniCenter OnDemand
News  |  1/17/2007  | 
This network management solution takes the burden of maintaining an enterprise management solution off your IT organization's back, but it's marred by a high price and limited features.
Despite 100 Million IE 7 Installs, Microsoft's Browser Still Loses Ground
News  |  1/16/2007  | 
Firefox's share of the U.S. browser market is at 14% and has continued to grow each of the last three months, says one research firm.
Report: Apple Will Charge For 802.11n Access
News  |  1/16/2007  | 
Apple will levy a $5 fee for software necessary to enable the 802.11n draft standard, which boasts five times the speed and twice the range of 802.11b/g.
'Whitelisting' Repairs Broken Anti-Malware Model
News  |  1/16/2007  | 
Whitelisting defines up front the programs allowed to execute inside one's corporate network and excludes everything else.
Net, Wireless Skills Hot Commodity At WWE
News  |  1/16/2007  | 
IT leader Jon Zerden says communication, team work skills are key skill ingredients he looks for in new hires.
Adobe, Cisco Stung By Bugs
News  |  1/15/2007  | 
Six vulnerabilities affecting Adobe's Reader and Acrobat products were discovered in the past two weeks. Meanwhile, Cisco has warned customers of some potential denial-of-service vulnerabilities.
AOL Says Napster Will Be Its Exclusive Provider Of Music Downloads
News  |  1/12/2007  | 
The firms said that AOL Music Now customers can use the new service for the same $9.95-a-month price they have been paying.
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