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Content posted in September 2001
Wall St Worried About Storage
News  |  9/29/2001  | 
Analysts lower estimates across storage sector in wake of Sept 11
Job Axe Swings at Storage Startups
News  |  9/28/2001  | 
SanValley and Scale Eight cut back, but the latter has even tougher problems afoot
Overland Data
News  |  9/28/2001  | 
Overland is aiming to add software to smarten up tape libraries
PolyServe Hits the Comeback Trail
News  |  9/28/2001  | 
This startup's file system software might lock on at last
Procom's Prospects Dim
News  |  9/28/2001  | 
The NAS startup's financials bode a cloudy future
Companies Rethink Corporate Travel
News  |  9/27/2001  | 
In the wake of recent terrorist attacks, companies change travel policies
EMC, Dell Deny Alliance Rumors
News  |  9/26/2001  | 
They shake off speculation that they're getting closer, saying a deal wouldn't make sense
Cereva's Back on Track
News  |  9/26/2001  | 
The startup's just closed $51M in new funding, putting it back into the next-gen storage race
Silverback Emerges From the Mist
News  |  9/26/2001  | 
Secures $15M in funding to build storage networking chip
Vitesse Boasts Breakthrough
News  |  9/25/2001  | 
Vitesse says OEMs are queuing up for its latest monitoring chip. What's the big deal?
Cereva Skids to a Halt
News  |  9/25/2001  | 
Its CFO and head of sales have left the building. What's next?
My SAN's Bigger than Your SAN
News  |  9/24/2001  | 
Global SANs vs. U.S. coast-to-coast SANs: Compaq, Nishan, IBM and others duke it out
IP Storage Coast-to-Coast
News  |  9/22/2001  | 
Nishan joins with IBM, Dell, HDS and others to create a nationwide IP SAN
EMC's Juggling Act
News  |  9/21/2001  | 
Despite a profit warning and cuts, EMC makes a $50M software acquisition. What?
News  |  9/21/2001  | 
Tape-drive and library leader looks to buy into SAN, NAS arenas
Inrange Lowers Guidance Post-Attack
News  |  9/21/2001  | 
Vendor says variables related to the September 11th tragedy will affect its financials
Data Recovery Hotline Set Up in NYC
News  |  9/20/2001  | 
Storage vendors form a consortium to help restore data after the September 11th attacks
3PARdata is Ready
News  |  9/19/2001  | 
With $100M in the bank and a full management team, 3PARdata says it's on track for action
Late Rally Features Brocade
News  |  9/19/2001  | 
Brocade is boosted as storage stocks fluctuate
Disaster Recovery Takes Center Stage
News  |  9/19/2001  | 
Storage backup is helping U.S. businesses get up and running again
YottaYotta Lands $26M
News  |  9/18/2001  | 
And there's more to come soon, the company says.
Storage Stocks Weather Monday's Selloff
News  |  9/18/2001  | 
The sector showed only small losses, with some surprise gains
Sony Enters NAS Fray
News  |  9/18/2001  | 
Can Sony differentiate itself in this increasingly crowded market?
NetApp Debuts Multiprocessor NAS Devices
News  |  9/15/2001  | 
Move should make it more competitive versus EMC. Meanwhile, BlueArc waits in the wings
A Ride on Fortune's Wheel
News  |  9/13/2001  | 
The experience of Harry Dixon, late of StorageNetworks' board, illustrates the highs and lows of the SAN market
September 11th 2001
News  |  9/13/2001  | 
September 11th 2001
Gloomy N+I Reopens
News  |  9/12/2001  | 
As show reopens, Tuesday's events leave empty feeling at Atlanta event
MRVC, Akamai Mourn Crash Victims
News  |  9/12/2001  | 
MRVC CFO Edmund Glazer and Akamai founder Daniel Lewin killed in World Trade Center plane crashes
EMC's New Look: Small N' Cheap
News  |  9/10/2001  | 
Cheaper arrays get EMC into a new market; analysts warn of cannibalized revenues risk
Entrada Faces Its Demons
News  |  9/8/2001  | 
Will splitting the company into three help struggling outfit stage a comeback?
Qualstar Seeks SAN-Friendly Future
News  |  9/7/2001  | 
Tape library vendor plans additional networking features as it chases enterprise customers
McData Snaps up SANavigator
News  |  9/6/2001  | 
Trumps Brocade by snapping up multilingual management startup. Parliamo storagio?
News  |  9/5/2001  | 
Publicly held reseller and integrator banks on SAN sales to help it rebound from slow Q2
SAN Plans: Flirting With Disaster
News  |  9/5/2001  | 
Ten ways to avoid a storage networking debacle
Brocade CEO in Tick-Top Form
News  |  9/5/2001  | 
Has Greg Reyes watched one too many episodes of The Tick or what?
Compaq/HP Hairball
News  |  9/4/2001  | 
Hewlett-Packard's $25 billion acquisition of Compaq looks messy for the storage group
'Wrap-A-Ho? Wazzat?'
News  |  9/3/2001  | 
The arrival of Arapahoe is confusing folk who thought InfiniBand was supposed to be the successor of the PCI bus

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