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IBM's Cloud Business: Ex-Employee Divulges Shortfalls
Commentary  |  8/15/2013  | 
Confidential IBM documents reveal the company's struggles to meet its cloud forecasts, as the SEC and Wall Street cast a skeptical eye.
NAS Options for Public and Private Clouds
Commentary  |  8/15/2013  | 
Public and private clouds can present challenges for file-based applications that use NAS. Here's how several vendors are helping companies meet those challenges.
Data Center Study: The Big Get Bigger
Commentary  |  8/14/2013  | 
A new survey indicates that data centers are fast becoming the domain of service providers as smaller enterprises increasingly outsource their data center operations.
IPv6 Adoption On The Rise
Commentary  |  8/14/2013  | 
Several reports indicate that both service providers and enterprises are making the switch to IPv6, negating the need for LISP or tunnel services to help with the transition.
Facebook Speech Recognition: 4 Predictions
News  |  8/14/2013  | 
Facebook's acquisition of Mobile Technologies suggests translation and speech recognition might be coming soon. Here's how users and brands could benefit.
4 Things VMware Must Do At VMworld
Commentary  |  8/13/2013  | 
VMware CEO Gelsinger needs to show customers a new leadership team and a company that understands how to compete in a multi-hypervisor marketplace.
Self-Encrypting Drives Aren't Magic Security Dust
Commentary  |  8/13/2013  | 
SEDs may be attractive in this time of heightened data security awareness but they're not necessarily a better option than software-based encryption for data protection.
Server Side Write Caching: Pros And Cons
Commentary  |  8/13/2013  | 
Write caching, which can speed up database and virtual desktop environments, has to be done safely.
Facebook Mobile Does Restaurant Reservations
News  |  8/13/2013  | 
Facebook's newest features for iOS include integration with OpenTable reservations service, live TV listings and hashtag support.
Private Cloud Build-Out: 4 Prerequisites
Commentary  |  8/13/2013  | 
Savings is a key reason to move to a private cloud, but shorter development cycles and faster time to market are more significant. Learn from early adopters.
New Media Is Not The Key To Long-Term Storage
Commentary  |  8/12/2013  | 
Optical disks, data crystals and other new storage media promise capacity and longevity, but that's not all it takes to meet the needs of a large, long-term archive.
MLB Boosts Streaming With New Data Center
News  |  8/12/2013  | 
Omaha facility provides Major League Baseball with data center operations outside the path of hurricanes and with more power to stream games.
Advice to New Network Engineers
Commentary  |  8/12/2013  | 
Here are two key steps that can help make the difference between a short, unhappy stint and a long, successful career in networking.
4 IPv6 Security Fallacies
News  |  8/9/2013  | 
As IPv6 continues to gain traction, some misconceptions around its perceived security--or lack thereof--persist. Security experts provide a reality check.
Mobile App Development Skills: Buy, Rent or Build
Commentary  |  8/9/2013  | 
Companies getting into mobile app development can buy or rent outside talent, but the best bet may be creating your own team. Here's why.
Citrix XenClient Update Targets Mobile Workers
News  |  8/9/2013  | 
XenClient 5 runs on bare metal; Asigra adds granular restore for Exchange; Polycom supports 50,000 devices; IBM recruits first members for OpenPower Consortium.
4 Social Media Changes, Explained
News  |  8/9/2013  | 
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram all announced tweaks this week. Check out what these moves mean to you.
5 LinkedIn Privacy Settings For Job Hunters
News  |  8/9/2013  | 
LinkedIn users, here's what you need to know about keeping your job-seeking activity quiet.
NSA Director Speaks Out About Agency's Newly Revealed Surveillance Programs
NSA Director Speaks Out About Agency's Newly Revealed Surveillance Programs
Network Computing Videos  |  8/9/2013  | 
Gen. Keith Alexander told Black Hat USA attendees how leaked surveillance programs helped derail specific terror plots
The Business Case For Going Mobile
Commentary  |  8/8/2013  | 
If you don't see a business need for mobile app development, you're missing out. Companies like Starbucks are reaping tremendous benefits by investing in mobile technology.
Using Open Source Tools For Malware Detection
Commentary  |  8/8/2013  | 
Today's sophisticated malware makes it difficult for small businesses with few resources for security to defend themselves. Fortunately, open source security tools such as pfSense and Snort can help.
IPv6 Transition: Cisco LISP Vs. Tunnel Services
Commentary  |  8/8/2013  | 
Cisco says its LISP protocol is an ideal transition tool for IPv6, but tunnel broker services require less configuration and can be easily removed once native IPv6 support is in place.
The New IT Application: Video Surveillance
News  |  8/8/2013  | 
IP-enabled digital cameras combined with access controls, data analytics and storage systems are pushing video surveillance into the realm of IT.
How To Pick The Right Storage Caching System
Commentary  |  8/8/2013  | 
Caching systems can speed up performance, prolong the life of the storage network and are a very popular first step on the path to the solid state data center.
3 Facebook Privacy Settings To Check
News  |  8/7/2013  | 
All U.S. Facebook users now have access to Facebook's new Graph Search tool. Here's how your privacy settings affect what appears in Graph Search results.
5 Ways To Customize Facebook News Feed
News  |  8/7/2013  | 
Facebook has plenty of ideas for your News Feed, as evidenced by this week's changes. Put yourself in charge with these tips.
SDN Is Not a Technology, It's A Use Case
Commentary  |  8/7/2013  | 
Software defined networking is not a discrete technology, but rather a set of use cases that require a variety of technologies to meet customer needs.
Open Source Poised for Innovation Explosion
Commentary  |  8/6/2013  | 
Cost pressures and the fast feedback of open source's development model will spur new levels of innovation in open software in the next ten years.
The Next Step For Flash: 3D
Commentary  |  8/6/2013  | 
2D NAND flash is fast reaching its limit but Samsung's new 3D chip is an encouraging development in flash memory's evolution.
Facebook News Feed Changes, Explained
News  |  8/6/2013  | 
Two changes to News Feed, called "story bumping" and "last actor," will help ensure you see the posts most important to you, says Facebook.
802.11ac: Preparing to Troubleshoot
Commentary  |  8/5/2013  | 
As 802.11ac ratification approaches, make sure your WLAN management and troubleshooting tools will be ready for the change.
3 Lessons Learned from Feds' Data Center Consolidation
News  |  8/5/2013  | 
Three years after officials launched an initiative to reduce the number of federal data centers, the count has only increased. The fiasco offers lessons for IT executives managing their own consolidation plans.
Qualys Adds Cloud-Based Web Application Firewall
News  |  8/5/2013  | 
Security company expands its vulnerability management service portfolio with new cloud WAF. Analysts say the service may be an option for SMBs looking for PCI compliance help.
Tackling Information Infrastructure Complexity
Commentary  |  8/2/2013  | 
Taking a software and data-driven approach can help reduce costs and maintain availability as IT becomes more complex. Here's a look at Sanbolic, one of the companies in this emerging area.
Facebook's Latest Round Of Changes
News  |  8/2/2013  | 
Here's what Facebook's new security and posting features mean to you. Video ads in newsfeeds could be next.
Cisco and NetApp Update FlexPod For Big Data
News  |  8/2/2013  | 
New FlexPod designs also support branch offices; Riverbed updates Steelhead, RiOS; Dell updates SonicOS; EfficientIP releases new network management tool; Metalogix launches SharePoint tool.
802.11ac: Time To Change Vendors?
Commentary  |  8/2/2013  | 
Enterprise WLANs are facing massive change with the arrival of certified 802.11ac products. Take this opportunity to consider other vendors as you upgrade.
Cisco EIGRP OTP Connects Networks Across Provider Infrastructure
News  |  8/1/2013  | 
The EIGRP routing protocol just got more interesting with the addition of Cisco's Over the Top feature. Here's how it works plus its pros and cons.
Debugging Cisco Voice: How To Streamline The Process
Commentary  |  8/1/2013  | 
Going through pages of debug output from a Cisco Voice Gateway is tedious and time-consuming, but there's a filtering tool that can make the job easier. Here's how to use it.
LinkedIn Tips: 5 Ways To Strengthen Your Profile
News  |  8/1/2013  | 
Whether you are job hunting or not, your LinkedIn profile deserves regular refreshing. Follow this advice to attract the attention you want.
Is Software-Defined Anything Worth the Price?
Commentary  |  8/1/2013  | 
"Software-defined" and "converged" are the flavors of the day, but companies might be better off spending their data center dollars on cold, hard, ultra-fast gear.
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