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Cisco Boss Makes Contradictory Assumptions About Virtualization
Commentary  |  8/17/2012  | 
Cisco CEO John Chambers says smart hardware software is inextricably linked; VMware users beg to differ. How much control should a vendor have over a virtualization strategy?
Big Data's Evolving Role in E-discovery: What Is Predictive Coding?
Commentary  |  8/17/2012  | 
Predictive coding is helping to speed up the often laborious and intense e-discovery process. Learn more about the technology, and why organizations are still taking a measured approach.
IBM's Buy Of TMS Shows SSD Appeal
News  |  8/16/2012  | 
IBM's acquisition of flash storage developer Texas Memory Systems may fuel growth of solid state drives within IT storage products.
Google Ups Bug Bounties Amid Booming Exploit Market
News  |  8/16/2012  | 
Decline in bug reports, plus competition from cyber-intelligence agencies, spurs Google to sweeten its vulnerability disclosure pot.
Rackspace Private Cloud: Instant OpenStack
News  |  8/16/2012  | 
Rackspace's Private Cloud is a free distribution of the same software the company runs in its own data centers. Optional commercial support is also available. Here's what's inside.
Google Apps Take Over As Postini Security Retired
News  |  8/16/2012  | 
Google bids adieu to acquired hosted email security company Postini's brand as its features get integrated into--or bettered by--Google Apps for Business, for a price.
HP Catches Up With Cisco on Private Cloud Networking
News  |  8/16/2012  | 
HP enhances its FlexFabric data center networking with Multitenant Device Context and Ethernet Virtual Interconnect, its answers to Cisco's OTV and VDC. Learn more about how they compare.
Flash Vendors Cut Pricing
News  |  8/15/2012  | 
New Skyera, Tegile, SanDisk offerings make existing big data, analytics, and virtualization environments run faster at less expense.
VMware And Storage: Start With Basics
Commentary  |  8/14/2012  | 
Provisioning of storage to new hosts and virtual machines (VMs) remains one of the more time consuming tasks in the enterprise.
Can SIP and IPv6 Co-Exist?
News  |  8/14/2012  | 
Enterprises need to make transition plans for SIP endpoints that will have to be upgraded or replaced within the next five to seven years, as they move to a dual-stack environment. Learn more about getting SIP and IPv6 to work together.
Pinterest's Success, By The Numbers
News  |  8/14/2012  | 
Analysis of 5 million conversations about Pinterest underscores the social site's popularity and potential value to your business.
Tegile Updates Zebi Hybrid Arrays
Commentary  |  8/14/2012  | 
Next-generation hybrid array vendor Tegile rolls out new versions of its Zebi line. Learn more about the company and its new offerings, the HA2400 and HA2800F.
5 Dropbox Security Warnings For Businesses
News  |  8/14/2012  | 
Recent Dropbox hack showed the risks of storing unencrypted, sensitive information on cloud services. Understand these security points.
Virtual Assistant Technology Makes Its Way Into the Enterprise
News  |  8/13/2012  | 
Enterprises may leverage Siri's buzz for their own virtual assistant technology using Nuance's recently released Nina SDK. Learn how it can help the business in ways that Siri can't.
The Biggest Cloud Computing Security Risk Is Impossible to Eliminate
News  |  8/10/2012  | 
A recent "epic hacking" that involved Amazon and Apple accounts just goes to show that the biggest security risk in cloud computing is from humans. Learn how mistakes, negligence and even reasonable use can blow apart a digital life.
FTC Confirms Facebook Privacy Settlement, Sans Fines
News  |  8/10/2012  | 
Facebook will be subject to FTC oversight in its practices for ensuring consumer privacy and clearly explaining the bounds of social sharing
Better Data Center Standardization Through Pod Architecture Design
Commentary  |  8/10/2012  | 
The Frankenstein method of disparate systems in the data center can impede expansion and the march toward the private cloud. Pod architecture design can offer better standardization and tighter integration. Learn more about the method.
Six Mobile Productivity Apps
Slideshows  |  8/10/2012  | 
A key part of a mobility strategy is supplying efficiency-boosting applications. Here are some top options.
Are You Ready to Tackle Mobile Application Performance Management?
Commentary  |  8/9/2012  | 
As mobile devices continue to gain ground, Web apps is losing its dominance. Now it's time for companies to prepare for the realities of mobile application management.
How Largest Companies' Social Efforts Stack Up
News  |  8/9/2012  | 
Fortune Global 100 companies engaging with customers more, using increasingly targeted social accounts, new research shows.
More on Performance Metrics: The Relationship Between IOPS and Latency
News  |  8/9/2012  | 
The best predictors of storage-related application performance have always been latency and IOPS. Hybrid SSD and HD systems are changing how those numbers should be viewed.
Pinterest: Invitation No Longer Required
News  |  8/9/2012  | 
Breakout social media site opens to all, as Apple reportedly sets its sights on rival Fancy.
#OccupyTwitter Petition Seeks Open API Commitment
News  |  8/8/2012  | 
Since Twitter telegraphed its intention to tighten API policies, developers have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Now a petition asks Twitter for a renewed commitment to openness--or at least a clarification.
Nimble's 'Scale to Fit' Storage Architecture Can Scale Up or Scale Out
News  |  8/8/2012  | 
The vendor's latest offerings are aimed at helping enterprises increase performance and capacity as needed to scale up or scale out storage, while efficiently making use of flash and disk in a clustered environment.
The Yin and Yang of Indoor Navigation
Commentary  |  8/8/2012  | 
GPS units have become standard for driving, geocaching and other outdoor activities. But what about indoor navigation needs, like tracking merchandise and engaging customers? Learn who's using and offering location services.
VMware's SDN Strategy Is No Threat to Cisco, Juniper or Anyone Else
Commentary  |  8/7/2012  | 
VMware has purchased Nicira--but Cisco, HP and Juniper shouldn't worry about the company's SDN strategy. Find out why.
Will Cloud UC Breathe New Life Into Unified Communications?
News  |  8/7/2012  | 
Unified communications (UC) didn't really take off the way everyone figured it would. Will cloud UC succeed where its predecessors failed?
5 Social Skills IT Pros Must Have
News  |  8/7/2012  | 
IT pros must have this distinct set of skills to successfully guide and support the business' social media initiatives.
The State of Server Technology: 2010 to 2012
Slideshows  |  8/6/2012  | 
As more companies turn to virtualization and private clouds, they're also taking a look at the server technology in their data centers. This is leading to a boost for the server market. Find out why in this look at the state of server technology, from 2010 to 2012.
Inertech, Skanska Partner on Energy-Efficient Cooling Platform
News  |  8/6/2012  | 
A new coil technology helps the companies extend free cooling zone for data centers and reduces water and power consumption. Learn more about the cooling platform.
Are You Part Of The 1%?
Commentary  |  8/6/2012  | 
That's how many U.S. Internet users are IPv6-capable. However, World IPv6 Launch showed new signs of movement. Are things finally poised to change for the 99%?
Vendors Roll Out Mobile Security, Vulnerability and Forensics Tools
Commentary  |  8/6/2012  | 
Mobile device management (MDM) is top of mind for many nowadays, so it's not surprise that mobile security was a focus at Black Hat. Learn more about MDM products announced during the show, as well as new vulnerability management and forensics tools.
Microsoft Windows Support Call Scams: 7 Facts
News  |  8/6/2012  | 
Security researcher turns the tables on a caller peddling fake fixes for malware supposedly infecting his Windows PC.
Four Tips for Monitoring Bandwidth Usage During the Olympic Games
News  |  8/3/2012  | 
Has the U.S. Olympic team's success put added pressure on your network? Learn how Web-monitoring tools and packet shaping can help enterprises monitor bandwidth usage.
Coraid Aims to Address Cloud, Video and More with ZX-Series
News  |  8/3/2012  | 
Coraid builds on its Ethernet-based SAN products with the recently released ZX-Series.
SSDs and Understanding Storage Performance Metrics
Commentary  |  8/3/2012  | 
In the first of a three-part series, Howard Marks describes how storage system throughput is a bad indicator of performance and how SSDs can vastly improve performance, even for entry-level storage systems.
'Facebook Stories' A New Chapter For Social Network
Commentary  |  8/3/2012  | 
Facebook site dedicated to showcasing members' unique uses of social network might recapture some positive mindshare--and teach us a lesson about savvy marketing.
VDI Snake Oil Check
News  |  8/2/2012  | 
You won't lose your shirt on a desktop virtualization initiative, but don't expect it to be easy to implement or free of unforeseen complications.
Rackspace Open Cloud Takes on Amazon AWS
News  |  8/2/2012  | 
The vendor rolls out three Open Cloud offerings--Cloud Servers, Control Panel and Cloud Databases--based on the OpenStack cloud project. Can Rackspace turn OpenStack into the de facto standard? What does Open Cloud have that AWS doesn't? Find out.
Using Cisco's OTV and LISP to Improve Application Availability
Commentary  |  8/2/2012  | 
Data center and server failures can lead to high-profile service outages. Two Cisco protocols-- OTV and LISP--seek to minimize the effect of failures.
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