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Raytheon And SafeNet Team To Deliver Next Generation Malware Detection Technology
News  |  7/29/2011  | 
Raytheon Company has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with SafeNet, Inc., a global leader in information security, to market RShield, Raytheon's advanced malware detection product.
Building The Case For Private Clouds
Commentary  |  7/29/2011  | 
When assessing an IT road map for the next three to five years, you’d be remiss to leave cloud options out of the process. The business agility and potential cost savings of an IT-as-a-service-focused cloud architecture can catapult a business ahead of its competition.
Emerging Multitenant Data Center Markets Underserved But Heating Up
News  |  7/29/2011  | 
A new report from Tier 1 Research finds that the emerging North American multitenant data center (MTDC) markets--including Atlanta, Boston, Miami, Montreal, Phoenix, San Diego and Toronto--are underserved but are starting to attract interest. The 100-page-plus report looks at current supply, demand and utilization metrics, sizing up each of the next 14 of the top 20 North American markets--after New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, Houston and Dallas--by existing supply levels, and identi
OCI Offers 'Happy Medium' For Cloud Customers, Vendors
Commentary  |  7/28/2011  | 
A new non-profit organization has been created to drive open standards in cloud computing. Launched at the OSCON 2011 Open Source Convention, the Open Cloud Initiative (OCI) published the Open Cloud Principles (OCP) document to ensure user freedoms without impeding the ability of providers to do business.
Companies Encrypting Data, But Not Everywhere, Venafi Survey Finds
News  |  7/28/2011  | 
An overwhelming majority of organizations, 90%, use encryption for data security and systems authentication, according to a survey of security practices conducted on behalf of enterprise key and certificate management firm Venafi. Moreover, the survey showed strong overall security programs in the majority of organizations.
Quantum Targets The Non-Deduping Mainstream
News  |  7/27/2011  | 
At least two-thirds of organizations are not deduping their data, says Quantum, a market opportunity the backup, recovery and archive specialist wants to address with two new dedupe appliances. The DXi6701 (1 Gbit Ethernet) and DXi6702 (10 Gbit Ethernet) provide investment protection and a future-proof feature set, a new standard of value, and unique distributed deduplication with DXi Accent.
Peer Pressure Drives Many To Acquire Security Certifications
News  |  7/27/2011  | 
New survey reveals how security pros really feel about the value--or lack thereof--of certs.
Quest Upgrades VRanger For Quicker Data Backup In VM Environments
News  |  7/27/2011  | 
Quest Software has introduced version 5.2 of its vRanger software for data backup and recovery in VMware virtual environments. The vRanger line provides support for virtual machine data backup in the VMware ESX hypervisor environment and in the environment of its successor, ESXi, and a Quest executive says version 5.2 adds support for VMware’s HotAdd feature that offers faster speeds for doing ESXi backups.
FCoE: Standards Don't Matter; Vendor Choice Does
Commentary  |  7/27/2011  | 
During the last year or so, some Fibre Channel over Ethernet experts have been arguing nuances of FCoE and which protocols you need or don’t need. FCoE interswitch interoperability? I will be old(er) and gray(er) before that happens in any meaningful way. While these are interesting discussions—if you go for that sort of thing—ultimately, they won’t impact your purchasing decisions. You are going to use whatever your SAN vendor tells you to use.
DataCore Unveils Heterogeneous Auto-Tiering Storage
News  |  7/27/2011  | 
Known for its storage virtualization software, DataCore Software is extending its reach with a device-independent auto-tiering option that is free for existing enterprise customers of its SANsymphony-V product (supporting more than 100 Tbytes), priced at $2,000 per node for its mid-range offering. SANsymphony-V customers have reported as much as 60% cost savings, and auto-tiering can add savings of 20% or more.
Health Care Providers Shifting to the Cloud
Commentary  |  7/26/2011  | 
With the unstoppable growth of medical imagery, many health care providers are realizing that trying to do a data migration to a new storage system every few years is becoming next to impossible. Some providers I spoke with say that unless they shift to the cloud, they'll never be able to even fathom catching up with their data growth as they'll be stuck in a never-ending cycle of rebuying their next storage system and migrating data.
Quantum Simplifies Deduping Disk Target
Commentary  |  7/26/2011  | 
Quantum has come out with a new system that could shake things up a little in the backup storage market. Somehow Quantum has managed to get Veg-a-matic like flexibility into the DXi6700 while simplifying the purchase process and adding a new hybrid deduplication scheme, all at a new lower price.
LinkedIn 'Apply' Button: 1-Click Job Application
News  |  7/26/2011  | 
New button, plug-in let job seekers submit LinkedIn profiles instead of job application forms.
F5 Upgrades Virtualization Platform
News  |  7/26/2011  | 
BIG-IP version 11 aims to combine the flexibility of virtualization with the performance of dedicated hardware.
Lancope To Offer High-Performance Network Flow Collector, Leverage Firewall Flow Data
News  |  7/26/2011  | 
Lancope’s newest flow-based security, network and application-monitoring appliance features increased performance. The high-end StealthWatch FlowCollector 4000 features a monitoring capacity of 120,000 flows per second (FPS) per collector to scale for very large enterprise networks.
Juniper Taps Microsoft's Muglia To Lead Software Strategy
News  |  7/25/2011  | 
Newly-created role and high-profile hire underscore how much networks are becoming software driven.
Google+ Profiles: Just What Gets You Booted?
News  |  7/25/2011  | 
Pseudonyms, odd spellings, and branded profiles get users kicked off Google+ without warning, but you can appeal.
Stone Bond Keeps Focus On Data Integration For The Masses
News  |  7/25/2011  | 
Version 8 of Stone Bond Technologies' flagship data integration solution, Enterprise Enabler, has added Virtuoso to its branding. Targeted at non-technical line-of-business users, EE Virtuoso provides a single, integrated environment to develop, test, deploy and monitor the real-time access and availability of information in a fraction of the time and cost of alternative offerings, says the company.
F5 ADC Release Features Template-Driven App Deployment, Appliance Clustering
News  |  7/25/2011  | 
The newest version of F5 Networks' BIG-IP application delivery controller (ADC) platform features a simplified, template-driven interface for faster deployment and easier management of applications, as well as clustering technology to improve scalability and availability. Version 11 of the BIG-IP TMOS software also provides several enhanced security features.
Wipro Introduces New Tool For Upgrading Oracle Applications
News  |  7/25/2011  | 
Wipro Technologies introduced a new tool for upgrading Oracle E-Business Suite business software applications. Wipro Easy-Upgrade helps customer organizations undertake an assessment of their current Oracle landscape, manage their Oracle environment and implement upgrades.
IBM Validates Violin's 37X Faster Flash Memory Array
News  |  7/25/2011  | 
Violin's 3200 Flash Memory Arrays helped IBM scan 10 billion files, soundly beating the previous record of 1 billion files in three hours.
HP Introduces New Consulting Services To Bring UC Into The Enterprise
News  |  7/25/2011  | 
HP unveiled three new consulting services to hasten the introduction of unified communications (UC) technology into the enterprise. The services focus on delivering multiple voice communication systems; accommodating the modern workplace, where employees work remotely and from multiple locations; and making sure the network has the capacity to deliver UC, particularly videoconferencing.
Cloud-Based UC: The Race For Midmarket
News  |  7/23/2011  | 
A Unified communications offering based on Cisco's Hosted Collaboration Service may allow value added reseller En Point to beat Verizon and AT&T to market.
HP On Right Track With Two Network OSes
News  |  7/22/2011  | 
When HP completed the 3Com acquisition, it seemed obvious that the ProCurve product line was due for termination. In the last two years, HP has steadfastly continued with ProCurve and its custom ASIC development, and maintains that both the A-Series and the ProCurve occupy different spaces in the market. Maintaining two different product lines makes sense for HP and its customers.
Upgraded Storage Standard Causes Headaches
News  |  7/22/2011  | 
Move from 512-bytes to 4K disk storage sectors can slow systems and increase wear unless sectors are aligned properly.
Google+: Should You Have A 'Frenemies' Circle?
Commentary  |  7/22/2011  | 
Google+ could help you keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer, says social media expert. But beware some dangers.
SonicWALL Introduces Spike Licensing To Rapidly Increase SSL VPN User Capacity And Improve Disaster Recovery Capabilities
News  |  7/22/2011  | 
SonicWALL, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent network security and data protection solutions, today announced availability of the SonicWALL SSL VPN 5.5 firmware for the Secure Remote Access (SRA) Series. The release significantly enhances SonicWALL's market-leading SSL VPN technology with the introduction of spike licensing, which enables network administrators to quickly and automatically increase the concurrent user capacity of their remote access solution during disaster situations. Wi
IBM Validates Violin's 37X Faster Flash Memory Array
News  |  7/22/2011  | 
Violin Memory is looking to translate the record-breaking performance of its 3200 Flash Memory Arrays in IBM's General Parallel File System (GPFS) into solid sales growth. Using the arrays, IBM Research scanned 10 billion files 37 times faster than the previous record of 1 billion files in three hours that has stood since 2007.
The Five Stages of IT Grief
Commentary  |  7/22/2011  | 
As IT professionals, we're all occasionally thrown curve balls by our suppliers. The most recent case is VMware changing its pricing model. When changes like these happen, the Twitterverse and blogosphere go wild with posts from folks who are affected, or are afraid they'll be affected, and those posts follow a pattern very similar to Dr. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross' path for the grieving.
Making IT Where There Is (Almost) None: More On Haiti
Commentary  |  7/21/2011  | 
Back in April of this year, I was part of a group that went to Haiti to work with an educational institution to rebuild its IT operations after the January 2010 earthquake. What I discovered is that there isn’t a lot to rebuild, and the creation of an IT environment largely from scratch is what is really needed.
Endace Brings Real-World Data To Network Testing
News  |  7/21/2011  | 
For many businesses, testing the capabilities of their networks, and the core systems that run on those networks, requires using some form of testing device to generate a load of simulated traffic to find out where and when problems will occur under heavy loads. But what if a company could use its own traffic to test its networks? The Endace Capture Replay System makes it possible to record up to 16 TBytes of a company’s network traffic and then use that recorded traffic as a basis for net
VMTurbo Brings Agility To The Cloud
News  |  7/21/2011  | 
VMTurbo has launched what the company thinks is the best way to bring manageable agility back to physical, virtual and cloud data centers. VMTurbo’s VMTurbo Cloud Operations Manager is designed to help organizations achieve the agility promised by virtualization and cloud computing in large, complex and dynamic environments.
HP Offers Virtualization Tool For Agile App Development
News  |  7/21/2011  | 
HP has introduced new tools and services to enable software applications to be built using the agile development method. The tools, including a new HP service to create a virtual environment in which apps can be tested, will be part of the HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) suite.
Dell Acquires Force10, Solidifies Data Center Story
News  |  7/20/2011  | 
Rumors about which networking company Dell was going to acquire have been silenced today with the announcement of its intent to acquire Force10. What Dell gets from Force10 is an equipment vendor that specializes in high-performance computing and has a clearly defined strategy to support cloud computing, orchestration and automation.
Amid Mixed Results, Riverbed Buys Zeus, Aptimize
News  |  7/20/2011  | 
Riverbed announced the acquisitions of Zeus Technology, which provides high-performance application delivery control for virtual and cloud environments, and Aptimize, which offers web content optimization. According to Riverbed, these companies enable asymmetric optimization of applications and web content, are highly complementary and will allow Riverbed to be a more strategic vendor to customers.
DynaTrace Improves APM Breadth, Depth And Ease Of Use
News  |  7/19/2011  | 
Less than two weeks after being acquired by Compuware, DynaTrace Software is refreshing its application performance management (APM) platform with a new release offering improved breadth, depth and ease of use. The first new release in two years, DynaTrace 4 is powered by the next generation of the company's transaction tracing capability, PurePath Technology, as well as the first stage of integration with Gomez, the web application experience management solution Compuware acquired in late 2009.
Logitech Offers Cloud Videoconferencing, Makes Acquisition
News  |  7/19/2011  | 
Logitech--a company that began by making computer peripherals such as mice, keyboards and webcams--has expanded its LifeSize enterprise videoconferencing business with a cloud-based offering, a new video endpoint for room-sized videoconference systems and the acquisition of a videoconference software company.
Social Media Marketing: Campaign Automation Boosts ROI
News  |  7/19/2011  |'s pre-fabricated content bundles and scheduling tools have enabled some SMBs to enhance social media campaigns and save time.
Google+ Has 5 Minuses
Commentary  |  7/19/2011  | 
Some of the missing pieces ought to be coming soon, but how did search wind up being one of them?
Mendix Upgrades Agile Business Platform For Software Development
News  |  7/19/2011  | 
Mendix, which delivers a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering for software development, launched version 3.0 of its Agile Business Platform. Among the new features in the upgrade are a centralized management dashboard that lets members of the development team see how the project is going, an app store where templates for software projects can be downloaded and Mendix’s recently announced Sprintr social collaboration platform for projects.
Nasuni Offers 'First' Storage SLA
News  |  7/19/2011  | 
Nasuni is taking the wraps off a new storage service, under development for the last two years, that features a 100% uptime service level agreement. In addition to what is being called the first storage SLA, the new offering, called Data Protection, can recover data in minutes with the click of a button, says the company.
NetIQ Boosts PlateSpin Products To Ease Data Migration
News  |  7/19/2011  | 
NetIQ has enhanced three of its PlateSpin virtualization and workload management products to make data migration quicker and easier, especially over connections that are busy or expensive. The three products--PlateSpin Forge, PlateSpin Protect and PlateSpin Migrate--enable users to configure bandwidth throttling and compression. This results in shorter backup windows and faster migrations, which are particularly useful over overloaded LAN or high-priced WAN connections.
Cisco Layoffs: 6,500 Jobs Cuts, $1B Expenses Trimmed
News  |  7/18/2011  | 
Cisco Systems plans to eliminate 9% of its global workforce and will eliminate another 5,000 positions through the sale of a set-top box manufacturing facility.
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