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Content posted in June 2002
U.S. Air Force Materiel Command
News  |  6/28/2002  | 
In a deal worth up to $70 million, Lockheed Martin will design and deploy SANs at 12 USAF bases
We're One!
News  |  6/27/2002  | 
We're One! About our new look, and a list of our favorite stories from the first year
FalconStor Software
News  |  6/26/2002  | 
It's moved past virtualization. Now can it soar?
Review: Perfect Harmony
News  |  6/24/2002  | 
The 802.11a access point market is starting to fill out with SOHO and enterprise players. We found Proxim's product hits all the right notes.
A Flawed Random-Number Theory
News  |  6/24/2002  | 
The large number of us who use aliases on the Internet to maintain our privacy and reduce spam has spawned a privacy-protection scheme that aims to eliminate the need for
Wash Away Those Web Service Testing Blues with Parasoft's SOAPtest
News  |  6/24/2002  | 
This Java-based Web services testing application for Microsoft Windows and Linux is packed with tools that can eliminate waiting for someone else to finish the needed server development.
Fishing for Better Management
News  |  6/24/2002  | 
The SNIA plans to have a draft of the Bluefin storage management specification available for public review in July. It's unlikely, though, that your current equipment will be retrofitted for
Whose Problem is WLAN Interference?
Commentary  |  6/24/2002  | 
Organizations routinely violate FCC rules by using amplifiers and high-gain antennas.
A Rookie's Guide to Defensive Blocks
News  |  6/24/2002  | 
When it comes to security, there's no room for error, but many IT pros still end up learning on the job. Here's a 'Firewalls 101' playbook.
Man oh Man!
Commentary  |  6/24/2002  | 
Why not focus on making the technology stronger instead of wasting time undermining an alternate solution?
Track Your Traffic
News  |  6/20/2002  | 
Track Your Traffic Here's your chance to participate in a pioneering Internet project
University of Hawaii
News  |  6/7/2002  | 
UH stretches across four islands, and so does its storage
Springtime Top Ten
News  |  6/1/2002  | 
Something smells fishy on the Top Ten. Time to flush it out!

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