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Content posted in June 2001
Big Vendors Offer IP Prognoses
News  |  6/30/2001  | 
Intel and QLogic make predictions about how they see the markets for iSCSI and FC shaking out
CIBC on SAN Stocks: 'Buy'
News  |  6/30/2001  | 
Says group's valuations exceed the long-term growth opportunities of the enterprise storage market
Storage Access Lands Law Firm
News  |  6/29/2001  | 
Six-month-old SSP scores a coup among new customers
Virtualization Vendors Vie for OEMs
News  |  6/29/2001  | 
DataCore and FalconStor are head-to-head in the race to sign OEMs
nStor nTertains nTicement
News  |  6/28/2001  | 
nStor is offered a $12 million lifeline in exchange for 45 percent of the company
Cisco Moves In on Gadzoox
News  |  6/28/2001  | 
Cisco appoints two executives to the board of directors at Gadzoox Networks. Why?
News  |  6/27/2001  | 
Is ADVA a diamond in the storage rough? * Big SAN sales * Analysts smell upside * Cash crunch?
Lefthand Grabs Another Fistful
News  |  6/26/2001  | 
Lefthand Networks tops off financial tank with a $3 million mini-round
Legato Revamps Integration Strategy
News  |  6/26/2001  | 
Legato is finally addressing its customers' demands for better integration
IP Storage Makes Names for Itself
News  |  6/25/2001  | 
Industry giants IBM and Intel back new IP storage standard for device discovery and naming
Mark Lewis
News  |  6/25/2001  | 
"People say, 'I need to get some IP-based storage.' But no, you really don't."
Storability Lands $30M Second Round
News  |  6/25/2001  | 
Storage management services designed to work with companies' existing storage infrastructures
Khosla's Back, Backing Stealth Startup
News  |  6/22/2001  | 
Legendary VC Vinod Khosla has hired a CEO for Zambeel and is backing it to be the next big thing
Raytheon's eCenter Goes for EMC
News  |  6/22/2001  | 
Raytheon's secure services center opts for storage hardware and software from EMC
StorageWay Snags $42M
News  |  6/21/2001  | 
StorageWay, an SSP, receives $42 million from two top VCs, a strong endorsement of this market
Compaq Gains on Virtualization
News  |  6/21/2001  | 
Compaq is quietly enlisting allies for its attack on the virtualization market
Merrill Lynch Sizes Up Network Storage
News  |  6/21/2001  | 
Cost of hardware alone will save the industry up to $8 billion versus direct-attached systems, Merrill Lynch says
Economic Conditions Stifle Storage Plans
News  |  6/21/2001  | 
Aborted IPO and merger plans show the storage market isn't immune to the economic downturn
SAN to Trim Healthcare Provider's Costs
News  |  6/20/2001  | 
Blue Shield refits IT infrastructure with a Dell SAN, looking to save $700,000 per year
Sanera Guns for Brocade
News  |  6/20/2001  | 
Stealthy startup seeks to carve out a chunk of the SAN switch market: It's got credentials, but no customers yet
DAFS Debuts
News  |  6/20/2001  | 
DAFS, a new storage networking protocol, is being demo'd for the first time in Orlando this week
InfiniBand in the Spotlight
News  |  6/19/2001  | 
InfiniBand's role in storage networks is under review at a developers' conference this week
Telseon Gives Nishan a Boost
News  |  6/18/2001  | 
Will launch services based on Nishan's Fibre-Channel-over-IP switches after successful tests
Sun to Resell Brocade Switches
News  |  6/18/2001  | 
Sun and Brocade expand relationship, allowing Sun to resell and support Brocade's Fibre Channel switches
Mad MaXXan at the SANdrome
News  |  6/15/2001  | 
Is MaXXon Networks racing Andiamo for Cisco's attention?
Rhapsody to Wax Rhapsodic?
News  |  6/15/2001  | 
Gears up for launch and product execution but will face a crowded marketplace
Smackdown Time at SAN Soiree
News  |  6/15/2001  | 
Churchill Club dinner degenerates briefly into who's-your-momma? market-share arguments
Nortel Lights Up Storage Networks
News  |  6/15/2001  | 
The company discovers that half the traffic running across its Optera metro platform has been storage-related!
Chris Baldwin
News  |  6/15/2001  | 
"I've done it all. I've been too soon, on time, and too late, which is probably the best training for being a VC."
Mirror, Mirror
News  |  6/13/2001  | 
Barker explores why storage networking is exploding with opportunity and gives a tour of the Byte and Switch site
Top Ten Private Storage Networking Companies
News  |  6/13/2001  | 
A brand new Website deserves a brand new Top 10 list, we always say. It’s not a new concept, of course. We borrowed the idea for a Top 10 list from our sister publication, Light Reading. (They, in turn, pinched...
Storage Services Sprout in Europe
News  |  6/8/2001  | 
Operators offering remote storage services are beginning to arrive
The Grand SAN Plan
News  |  6/6/2001  | 
A bunch of vendors want to ease the pain involved in building and operating storage nets

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