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2006: Storage Business Highlights
News  |  12/30/2006  | 
A look at the top business stories of the past year in storage networking
Hackers Spam 'Happy New Year' Worm
News  |  12/29/2006  | 
Security experts warn against opening New Year-related messages to ward off this fast-moving worm, which disables Windows firewall and several security programs.
Resolved to Hack
News  |  12/29/2006  | 
Renowned hackers share with us their resolutions for 2007
2006: The B&S Report Card
News  |  12/29/2006  | 
Time for final grades on our fearless 2006 predictions
Switches & Startups Top List
Commentary  |  12/28/2006  | 
Readers say Brocade/McData and IPOs were the biggest stories of the year
Software as a Service Meets Business Intelligence
News  |  12/28/2006  | 
Hosted systems can expand access to analytic information. But Ventana Research recommends evaluating SaaS models for particular business needs and to determine how they can work together with internally deployed
Microsoft: Vista's Secure, Not Perfect
News  |  12/28/2006  | 
Disclosure of a zero-day vulnerability doesn't alter the claim that Vista is the safest Microsoft operating system so far, says company's security manager.
News  |  12/28/2006  | 
This "meat-and-potatoes" collaboration service offers enough services and administrative features to be taken seriously.
Top 10 Best-Read Stories of 2006
News  |  12/28/2006  | 
Here are the top Byte and Switch articles that got the most attention this year
2006 Top 10: On the Hot Seat
News  |  12/28/2006  | 
Time to anticipate who will be feeling the most heat in the new year UPDATED 3/12/07 4:20 PM
Kaspersky Debuts Vista Support
News  |  12/28/2006  | 
Kaspersky Lab announced availability of the beta version of Maintenance Pack 2 for both KAV 6.0 and KIS 6.0
References, Please
Commentary  |  12/27/2006  | 
And make 'em real ones this time
Level 3 Buys Savvis CDN
News  |  12/27/2006  | 
For $135M, Level 3 is picking up Savvis's CDN business
2006: Top 10 Memorable Quotes
News  |  12/27/2006  | 
Another year, another spate of soundbites. We offer you 10 of the best
Microsoft Zune Fails To Reach Top Seller Lists On
News  |  12/26/2006  | 
Various models of Apple's iPod, on the other hand, were among the top sellers.
Microsoft Plans NYC Vista Launch On Jan. 29
News  |  12/26/2006  | 
Microsoft has repeatedly pegged Tuesday, Jan. 30, as the date when the long-anticipated Vista operating system and Office 2007 suite update will be available to consumers.
How Important Is A Job Title Change?
News  |  12/26/2006  | 
Career expert Oreste "Rusty" D'Aversa says a career title change should be about the duties and skills you are responsible for and the progression of responsibility in the new role.
Advice On Changing Career Tracks
News  |  12/26/2006  | 
Two tech professionals seek advice on how to prep a resume, and their professional development, to move into new IT career arenas.
2006 Storage Winners & Losers
News  |  12/22/2006  | 
There's no tying in storage - only winning and losing. Here's the record for 2006
Hybrid Storage Hype
News  |  12/22/2006  | 
Storage means different things to different folks
Report: Robots Will Get Same Rights As Humans
News  |  12/22/2006  | 
As robots continue to become more sophisticated, they'll also get the same responsibilities, too, like paying taxes and military service.
First Exploit Of Windows Vista Spotted
News  |  12/22/2006  | 
It is the first Windows Vista exploit made public since the operating system was released to volume license customers Nov. 30.
Symantec: Another Surge In Worm Scanning For Unpatched Antivirus Software
News  |  12/22/2006  | 
Sensors monitored by Symantec's DeepSight threat management service have reported a significant spike in traffic related to TCP port 2967, which Symantec has traced to scans generated by the "Sagevo"
Residential VoIP Users Number More Than 9 Million
News  |  12/22/2006  | 
Subscribers using facilities-based VoIP have created a horse race between Vonage and Time Warner Cable users, with Vonage reporting 1.7 million users to Time Warner's 1.6 million.
Windows Live Writer Beta
News  |  12/22/2006  | 
Microsoft's free application offers bloggers some convenient tools and freedom from their browsers' limitations.
Activeworx Upgrades Security
News  |  12/22/2006  | 
CrossTec Corporation has released version 3.6 of Activeworx SIEM software solution
Top 10 Storage Markets to Watch
News  |  12/22/2006  | 
Is your company among the hottest storage prospects? Read on
Most Dangerous Time of the Year
Commentary  |  12/22/2006  | 
Deck the halls with razor wire and motion detectors
Spam Volume Jumps 35% In November
News  |  12/21/2006  | 
The volume of spam surged in November to an average of 85 billion messages a day during two periods, IronPort says.
Last Minute Shopping for Seagate
News  |  12/21/2006  | 
Hard disk vendor shells out $185 million to turn EVault into its storage services division
Microsoft Loses More Ground In Online Search
News  |  12/21/2006  | 
The number of online searches made on Microsoft Windows Live Search fell 12% in November to 8.2% of the total number of Web searches, according to Nielsen/NetRatings.
Vista Issues Bedevil Firefox
News  |  12/21/2006  | 
A total of 34 Firefox bugs related to Windows Vista have been collected in the Mozilla Bugzilla database; 20 of the bugs remain unfixed.
Google Takes Blogger Out Of Beta
News  |  12/21/2006  | 
The new features provide more flexibility in layout by enabling drag and drop positioning of most elements on the page, and more options are given for colors, fonts, headers, and
Weaker Than You Think
News  |  12/21/2006  | 
The pitfalls of desktop firewalls and browsers (even with Javascript turned off)
Dell Searches for a Lift
Commentary  |  12/21/2006  | 
Former airlines boss takes off with plenty of clouds in the immediate forecast
Tempest in a Tape Encryptor
News  |  12/21/2006  | 
NeoScale accuses rival Decru of scare tactics in publicizing CERT advisory
Websense to Buy PortAuthority
News  |  12/20/2006  | 
Threat prevention firms will sell integrated products
Review: ThinkFree Office Suite Attracts Users -- And Google
News  |  12/20/2006  | 
The online Office look-alike offers a free word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation package, along with social networking.
Managed Storage Moves On
News  |  12/20/2006  | 
Managed storage: the next big thing or big vendor hype?
Xyratex RAIDs Ario IP
News  |  12/20/2006  | 
Picks up RAID code to protect product line acquired from nStor
It's a Non-Issue
News  |  12/20/2006  | 
What's the real story on storage trends?
Imperva Hires Former McAfee Exec
News  |  12/20/2006  | 
Imperva announced the appointment of Robin Matlock as Executive Vice President and General Manager
Norton 360 Beta Now Available
News  |  12/20/2006  | 
Symantec announced the availability of public beta of Norton 360 for the Windows Vista operating system
Google's Space Oddity
Commentary  |  12/19/2006  | 
There's more to Google's NASA deal than moon rocks and little green men
Ready To Demo: A $150 Laptop With A 'Complete Computing Experience'
News  |  12/19/2006  | 
The laptop avoids the use of Microsoft software and name brand PC processors such as Intel and AMD.
Beware My +2 Sword of Leadership!
Commentary  |  12/19/2006  | 
I got a press release today with the following headline: "Genesys Named in Leaders Quadrant of Leading Analyst Firm's Report." The double use of "leader" immediately jumped out at me. The headline implies that being named a leader by a...
Vista Spam Trolls For Suckers
News  |  12/19/2006  | 
The junk mail touts Windows Vista Ultimate for sale at a $319 discount, says Sophos.
Skype 'Worm' Overrated, Says Websense
News  |  12/19/2006  | 
Websense has reclassified the threat as a Trojan horse and says its impact is declining.
Mozilla To Update Firefox Browser Today
News  |  12/19/2006  | 
The number and severity of the security vulnerabilities that are being patched were not known early Tuesday.
Opera Adds Phishing Filter
News  |  12/19/2006  | 
Opera 9.1 relies on PhishTank, an open source-style project whose members submit suspicious URLs, then verify scams and share the resulting blacklists.
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