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Ubuntu Lab Tests OpenStack Interoperability
News  |  11/27/2013  | 
Canonical's new OpenStack Interoperability Lab will validate software and hardware from Cisco, EMC, Intel, Juniper and other partners.
Security Needs To Focus On Architecture, Not Products
Commentary  |  11/27/2013  | 
Spending a lot on security technology hasn't made organizations any more secure. We need to focus on proper security design.
Equinix Launches Testing And Validation Centers
News  |  11/26/2013  | 
Testing environments aim to help customers try out new technologies and adapt to the IT as a service trend.
10 Nerdy Gifts For Networking Pros
Slideshows  |  11/26/2013  | 
Does your favorite IT guy or gal have just about every Dr. Who, Star Wars or Star Trek collectible known to man? Are you looking for something a little different for that geeky loved-one or fellow cube-dweller? Have no fear, Network Computing has come to the rescue with this year's ultimate IT gift guide. We've got a range of gifts appropriate for stocking stuffers, gift exchanges, employee appreciation gifts and just plain old fun gifts for roommates or family members.
Overland Storage SnapScale Scales Out But Falls Short
Commentary  |  11/26/2013  | 
There's no doubt that scale-out is the future of storage, but SnapScale's conservative approach doesn't quite pan out.
Fluke Networks Updates AirMagnet Survey For 802.11ac
Commentary  |  11/26/2013  | 
Wireless site survey tool can help organizations navigate the transition to the new Wi-Fi standard.
Give Thanks To The Datacenter
Commentary  |  11/26/2013  | 
Datacenter professionals, once a quiet bunch, have been thrust into the limelight in 2013. Here's why they should appreciate their new roles as infrastructure heroes.
Call Center Lessons Learned
Commentary  |  11/26/2013  | 
Successful call center operations can make or break your business. Getting your processes and integration standards right are critical to keeping it all running smoothly.
Palo Alto Integrates Next-Generation Firewall With VMware NSX
Commentary  |  11/25/2013  | 
New firewall appliance combines Palo Alto's Panorama central management platform with ESXi VMs by plugging into the NSX virtual network controller.
Object Storage: The Next Storage Paradigm
Commentary  |  11/25/2013  | 
Object storage is evolving from a data archive to the primary form of storage in large systems.
IBM Invention Uses SDN For Business Continuity
News  |  11/25/2013  | 
Big Blue teams with Marist College to develop software that speeds relocation of voice and data services in the event of a natural disaster.
WiFi Management Tools Help Ensure WLAN Health
Commentary  |  11/25/2013  | 
Troubleshooting problems with WLAN connectivity can be tricky. WiFi management tools can help keep your wireless network healthy.
IaaS Performance Benchmarks Part 3: AWS C3
Commentary  |  11/22/2013  | 
In this part of a continuing series comparing IaaS cloud providers and their services, I test Amazon Web Services' new C3 instance types.
Disk Drive Failure: An Unavoidable Reality
Commentary  |  11/22/2013  | 
A recent study by an online backup service showed that disk drives aren't as reliable as the industry says they are.
Yahoo Encrypts Data After Reports of NSA Snooping
Commentary  |  11/22/2013  | 
Internet giant follows Google in drive to protect data from National Security Agency surveillance. The move reflects the sad state of national affairs.
Evaluate UC Requirements In 3 Steps
Commentary  |  11/22/2013  | 
Unified communications could streamline your business communications and customer service processes. But to implement UC well, you must ask the right questions up front.
Cloud Security Alliance Launches Secure Network Effort
News  |  11/21/2013  | 
Software-Defined Perimeter project aims to develop a framework that provides secure connectivity from any device to cloud applications.
The Cloud Transition Demands 3 Critical Characteristics
Commentary  |  11/21/2013  | 
IT departments faced with moving to cloud services are looking to solution providers for help. Here's how to choose the best fit.
Indeni Opens US Headquarters
News  |  11/21/2013  | 
Network monitoring company focuses on the US market in a bid for the big time.
Digital Forensics: DIY Or Call An Expert?
Commentary  |  11/21/2013  | 
With increased compliance requirements and complex threats, security incident response has become much more complicated. Organizations should consider calling in outside experts.
SDN Helps Break Down Barriers To Scaling
Commentary  |  11/21/2013  | 
Vendors are using software to handle complex operations and overcome obstacles to scaling in networking and storage.
Globalstar Gets FCC Approval For WiFi Spectrum
News  |  11/20/2013  | 
Increased WiFi spectrum will allow Globalstar to offer a new wireless broadband network that is free from interference.
OpenStack Wins Developers' Hearts, But Not IT's Minds
Commentary  |  11/20/2013  | 
Nebula Chief Strategy Officer Chris Kemp says IT must develop private clouds for the next generation of applications. Otherwise, it risks irrelevancy.
CommVault Tackles The Dark Data Problem
Commentary  |  11/19/2013  | 
CommVault expands its Simpana platform with software that promises to help enterprises get a handle on unused and unnecessary data.
Microsoft, Facebook Make Green Data Center Push
News  |  11/19/2013  | 
Technology giants announce plans to use wind power for their data centers as the movement towards renewable energy and data center efficiency gains steam.
Securing The Software-Defined Network
Commentary  |  11/19/2013  | 
SDNs offer the ability to centralize and automate network security functions, but only if security requirements are implemented correctly from the ground up. Learn how to secure the many components of the SDN.
Book Review: 'Cisco ISE For BYOD And Secure Unified Access'
Commentary  |  11/19/2013  | 
For a network engineer planning a Cisco Identity Services Engine deployment, this publication provides valuable technical guidance and practical troubleshooting advice.
The Future Datacenter Comes With Fries
Commentary  |  11/19/2013  | 
The enterprise datacenter is moving toward a bundled, integrated, pre-configured, standards-based model. Soon you may order one up as easily as a laptop or a Happy Meal.
7 Essentials Of Software-Defined Networking
Slideshows  |  11/19/2013  | 
What is SDN? If you have to ask, you're not alone. We boil SDN architectures down to the essentials, including OpenFlow, SDN APIs, and overlay networks.
SDN Upends The Switch & Router Market
Commentary  |  11/19/2013  | 
Software-defined networking (SDN) is changing the networking market as we know it. In the midst of the confusion, it's clear that open source and standards-based networking are gaining ground.
Session Border Controllers For UC: 3 Big Benefits
Commentary  |  11/18/2013  | 
Using VPNs for unified communications access can be frustrating for users and IT. Session border controllers offer improvements in security, economy, and usability.
Amazon WorkSpaces Speeds The PC's Demise
Commentary  |  11/18/2013  | 
The company's new desktop virtualization service could prove a gateway to a post-PC, mobile, and cloud-centric future.
Firewall Administration For Sysadmins Part 4: Communication Tips
Commentary  |  11/18/2013  | 
Articulating application details and knowing what kind of information firewall administrators need to fulfill a change request will help smooth communication between sysadmins and the security team.
Extreme Networks X770 Switch Targets Big Data
News  |  11/18/2013  | 
Analyst says new switch's low latency and high throughput support big data efforts. The X770 also promises to boost data center consolidation initiatives.
Can SDN Adoption Solve Real-World Problems?
Commentary  |  11/18/2013  | 
If you think software-defined networking is all hype and no substance, think again. SDN deployments could potentially solve complex resource issues, especially in segments like healthcare and education.
Cloud Computing: The Next-Generation
Commentary  |  11/18/2013  | 
The staggering growth of cloud computing is driving today's IT infrastructure to new levels of efficiency through greater integration and convergence.
How To Increase Value Of Video
News  |  11/18/2013  | 
Video has become a big part of enterprise strategy, but it can be difficult to store, manage, share, and find. Here's how to make video act more like a text document.
Why I'm Excited About Converged Infrastructure
Why I'm Excited About Converged Infrastructure
Network Computing Videos  |  11/15/2013  | 
Trends in converged infrastructure are reshaping the cloud computing environment.
Firewall Administration For Sysadmins Part 3: Application Planning
Commentary  |  11/15/2013  | 
Security teams are often left out of application planning, but should be involved in projects from the start for the best results.
Open Compute Project Considers Switch Specs
News  |  11/15/2013  | 
Facebook-led effort to develop an open, operating-system agnostic switch makes progress with contributions from Broadcom, Intel, Mellanox and Cumulus Networks.
Saddle Up For Datacenter Efficiency
Commentary  |  11/15/2013  | 
Uptime Institute's Server Roundup gives a big "yee-haw" to companies that strap on their spurs, decommission obsolete equipment, and drive out datacenter inefficiency.
Become Your Own SaaS Provider
Commentary  |  11/15/2013  | 
Enterprises adopting private cloud should consider offering "private SaaS," a way to efficiently offer application services to their employees and partners.
Unified Communications Is Much More Than IT
Commentary  |  11/15/2013  | 
A successful unified communications project needs a modern approach, one in which user needs are evaluated and UC metrics are defined before technology is considered.
The Cloud Starts At The Data Center
Commentary  |  11/15/2013  | 
New, always-on services are propelling the cloud forward. But all clouds depend on the data center for innovation in performance, networking, consolidation, and green computing.
Automation Gets The Data Center Under Control
Commentary  |  11/15/2013  | 
Data center technologies around efficiency are evolving quickly, with many layers of automation and orchestration available to offer control and management.
UFC Wrestles With Wifi Problems
News  |  11/15/2013  | 
The network bandwidth issues that plague UFC wrestling are symptomatic of stadium networks across the US.
An Integrated Appliance Can Run Your Private Coud
Commentary  |  11/15/2013  | 
A new breed of private cloud appliances offers a wealth of benefits to enterprises and vendors alike.
SIEM Offers Better Network Security Protection
Commentary  |  11/15/2013  | 
Can enterprises effectively combat network sophisticated intrusions with lessons learned from the past? The answer is yes, thanks to SIEM.
Moving NAS To The Cloud
Commentary  |  11/15/2013  | 
Using the cloud in lieu of -- or in addition to -- network attached storage is a good option for the right types of data.
Rack Cooling Puts The Chill On High Data Center Energy Costs
Commentary  |  11/15/2013  | 
Server-rack cooling systems, built specifically for data centers, can increase energy efficiency in the data center and lower energy costs by 20 percent.
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