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Marvell's New SSD Strategy: One Size Can Fit All
News  |  1/9/2012  | 
Silicon developer Marvell is taking its first steps into the PCI Express (PCIe) SSD controller market with several new products built on the strategy that choice scalability will be the winning formula. The new controllers provide a core building block creating PCIe SSDs in flexible configurations that incrementally scale in cost, capacity and performance. This will enable SSD OEMs and system integrators to create flexible PCIe SSD configurations that eliminate SAS or SATA conversion for better
FireHost Flexes Its Cloud Scaling Options
News  |  1/9/2012  | 
FireHost is extending its scaling options, adding a scheduling capability to its cloud service offering. In addition to scaling on demand, the scheduled scaling feature lets customers that can predict demand manage capacity more effectively.
Dell Expands Storage Options With New Appliances
News  |  1/6/2012  | 
Announcement also includes support for SharePoint in DX Object Store and Brocade and Force10 switch support.
Why Your Business Can't Ignore Social Networking
News  |  1/6/2012  | 
Organizations are skittish about security and productivity, but social media's benefits are hard to discount. Be social--or be left behind.
ESG Provides Big-Data Primer
News  |  1/6/2012  | 
Tackling big-data challenges is a growing concern for enterprises looking to mine their data stores, according to the Enterprise Strategy Group. ESG defines big data as data sets that exceed the boundaries and sizes of normal processing capabilities, forcing organizations to take a non-traditional approach. Big-data sets can range from ten to hundreds of terabytes in size.
Flash Dependent Storage Systems Take Off In 2012
Commentary  |  1/5/2012  | 
Whether flash-only, or a combination of flash and mechanical storage, the technology is poised for significant gains.
Time to Reconsider the Data Center
News  |  1/5/2012  | 
As enterprises push out data centers into cloud-based computing and virtual applications, traditional data center planning and practices haven't necessarily kept pace. Is it time to reshape definitions of classic brick-and-mortar data centers into a new computing concept with different performance and total-cost-of-ownership expectations? If nothing else, the business cases now driving data center services are beginning to demand it. "As a global organization, we know that we must not only provi
Private Cloud Success Factors Include Service Catalog
Commentary  |  1/5/2012  | 
A commonly overlooked component of a private cloud deployment is the service catalog. In many cases, a great deal of time is spent architecting and discussing infrastructure, virtualization and automation processes with little thought of the actual service delivery. Service catalogs are key to successful private cloud deployment and the overall usability of the services your cloud delivers.
Cisco Leads Tight Pack In Data Center Networking
Commentary  |  1/4/2012  | 
Data center architects are open to adding or changing vendors, our research reveals, even if they're mostly satisfied with current vendors.
IBM Green Hat To Cut Development Costs
News  |  1/4/2012  | 
IBM wants to take a big bite out of software development costs with the acquisition of Green Hat, a provider of software quality and testing solutions for the cloud and other environments. The two companies say software defects cost the United States almost $60 billion annually, and testing accounts for more than half of overall development costs and upward of a third of testing teams' time. When the deal is complete, Green Hat will join IBM's Rational Software business and will be offered throu
3 Surefire Ways To Tick Off Compliance Auditors
News  |  1/4/2012  | 
Avoid these common mistakes to improve your chances for a smooth compliance audit.
Cisco Delivers Long Awaited Wireless Management Upgrade
Commentary  |  1/4/2012  | 
While others in the wireless market seem to float one press release after another about new products and features, Cisco tends to be more deliberate in releasing its latest wireless offerings . In my opinion, Cisco has been a bit too slow in updating the company's aging wireless management framework for its market-leading customer base. But it's here now, and worth talking about.
Diebold Virtualizes ATMs To Secure Banking Data
News  |  1/3/2012  | 
Diebold seeks to close vulnerabilities by moving customer data off physical machines onto virtualized ATMs on protected data center servers.
10 IT Shifts In 2012: Exclusive Research
Commentary  |  1/3/2012  | 
When an InformationWeek Research trending survey shows a 10% or 20% year-over-year shift (or more), I take notice. I do the same when a much-hyped tech barely manages to squeak up five points in 12 or 18 months. So if you're tired of end-of-year punditry backed up by nothing but speculation, take a look at these enterprise IT trends--and the hard data behind them from our research.
Cloud Computing Buyers Demand More, Survey Finds
News  |  1/3/2012  | 
Plain vanilla cloud infrastructure isn't the main goal. Companies want to use online apps, develop cloud apps or run a more automated internal cloud.
HP-Cisco Networking Rivalry To Intensify
News  |  1/3/2012  | 
As cloud computing, consumerization, and mobility boost demands on enterprise networks, HP and Cisco will escalate their battle to supply the IT infrastructure.
Apps Need Collaboration At Core
Commentary  |  1/3/2012  | 
Collaboration isn't a distinct activity anymore. It's an integral feature that people will soon expect from every application.
10 Social Networking Posts That Sink Careers
News  |  1/3/2012  | 
This year, resolve to avoid social network updates that could put your career in trouble.
As IT Demands More Of Networks, Expect HP-Cisco Rivalry To Intensify
News  |  1/2/2012  | 
Across IT, many observers have identified three broad trends going forward: mobility, cloud computing and the consumerization of IT. When it comes to networking, these trends are expected to drive demand for more bandwidth capacity and, increasingly, wireless network architecture. In addition, 2012 is expected to see a continuation of the intense rivalry between industry leaders Cisco Systems and HP, as the latter tries to chip away market share from the former.
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