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Freeware Increases RJ Lee's Management Efficiency
News  |  1/20/2012  | 
Faced with rapid growth and increases in the amount and complexity of data and its IT operations, RJ Lee Group went looking for a way to simplify its computing infrastructure. The company selected Spiceworks as an alternative to adding staff or spending a lot of money on network and system management software.
Solid State Disk's True Cost
Commentary  |  1/20/2012  | 
IT pros focus on SSD's hefty startup costs, but you must consider other costs when evaluating the storage technology.
Atlantis VDI Ups IOPS Performance By 10 To 20 Times
News  |  1/20/2012  | 
Atlantis Computing has announced Atlantis ILIO Diskless VDI, a virtual desktop infrastructure product that makes use of server-based blade storage that it claims eliminates storage for Citrix and VMware virtual desktop operating system images. This means that users can reduce the capital expenses associated with VDI to less than $200 per desktop while providing boot times of 12 seconds. The company has tested the product with Cisco UCS blade servers, which can deploy up to 6,400 virtual desktops
Facebook's New Actions Go Beyond 'Like'
News  |  1/19/2012  | 
As Facebook broadens its Open Graph API by adding 60 new frictionless sharing apps, look for new action verbs in your feed. Here's what it all means.
Amazon EC2 Reaches Out To Windows Developers
News  |  1/19/2012  | 
Amazon EC2 is upping the ante with Microsoft's competitive cloud platform, Azure, by matching its free offer of up to 750 hours per month, for up to a year, of developer time for Windows Server 2003 R2, 2008 and 2008 R2 editions. As part of its AWS Free Usage Tier, customers can select from a range of pre-configured Amazon Machine Images with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and, once running, connect via Microsoft Remote Desktop Client to build, migrate, test and deploy their Web applications o
Microsoft System Center 2012 Revealed
Slideshows  |  1/19/2012  | 
Microsoft's System Center 2012, which we discussed in Microsoft's System Center 2012: Building A Private Cloud, is the latest attempt by a big vendor to bring private cloud to the masses. While there are many improvements to System Center, building a private cloud using anyone's software is far from easy. At Microsoft's private cloud reviewers' workshop, we got a peek at the sausage factory. There are a lot of components to configure, but Microsoft has done a good job of streamlining many of the
Radvision Helps Lync Videoconferencing Do More
News  |  1/18/2012  | 
Radvision isn't the first to market with technology to plug its videoconferencing into the widely used Microsoft Lync platform, but it's taking a different approach to solve the problem.
10 Ways To Transform Into A Social Enterprise
Commentary  |  1/18/2012  | 
Here's expert advice from IBM's Connect 2012 conference on how to take social networking from a fringe activity to a business core competency.
Thales and Infoblox Address Weak DNSSEC Demand
News  |  1/18/2012  | 
Information systems and communications security vendor Thales has integrated its nShield hardware security module (HSM) with the Infoblox DNS platform to provide customers with simple deployment of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), a security protocol designed to protect the Internet from attacks like cache poisoning.
Top 10 PCI Compliance Mistakes
News  |  1/18/2012  | 
Configuration mistakes, access control gaffes, and scoping issues top the list of common PCI errors.
Desktop Videoconferencing Ready For Wide Use
News  |  1/18/2012  | 
New technology puts desktop videoconferencing in reach for most enterprises.
How Facebook Took Down Koobface Malware
News  |  1/18/2012  | 
Aggressive campaign by the social network to kill the pesky malware included taking down its command-and-control server.
Polycom Offers Wholesale Video-As-A-Service
News  |  1/17/2012  | 
Videoconferencing vendor also touts integration with IBM UC products at Lotusphere conference.
Solid State Storage Ready For Prime Time
Commentary  |  1/17/2012  | 
Half of all enterprise IT managers have implemented or plan to implement solid state storage, research shows.
Atlantis Intros Diskless Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
News  |  1/17/2012  | 
ILIO Diskless VDI stores and serves up to 160 virtual desktops per server without a storage appliance or disk array.
Microsoft's System Center 2012: Building A Private Cloud
News  |  1/17/2012  | 
Microsoft is beefing up its private cloud offering by enhancing existing modules in System Center 2012, adding an application controller that disconnects apps from the OS, an orchestration module that automates application and virtual machine deployment, and unified management tasks. Microsoft is also reducing System Center 2012's licensing options from 113 different combinations to two editions--a Standard edition and a Data Center edition. This is Microsoft's big move into private cloud, which
Biggest Storage Trend of 2012
Commentary  |  1/17/2012  | 
Performance management skills--in both software and IT professionals--promises to be the biggest storage story this year.
Are There No Fans For The FAN?
Commentary  |  1/17/2012  | 
A few years ago, Brad O'Neill, then an analyst with the Taneja Group, coined the term FAN (file area network) to describe a virtualized file storage system. Organizations that build FANs that integrate multiple heterogeneous file stores presenting a single unified, optimized name space should be able to save a significant amount of time, effort and money. The collapse this month of AutoVirt is just another example of how this promising technology has never gained any traction with paying custome
Nearbuy Brings Shopper Analytics To Retail Wi-Fi Spaces
Commentary  |  1/17/2012  | 
As more consumers prowl store aisles equipped with smartphones, retailers have multiple reasons to want to harness the capabilities of these user endpoints for their own benefit. Nearbuy Systems is bringing an interesting tool set to merchants that should also benefit tech-savvy shoppers with its new Captive Portal and analytics utilities.
Thai Flooding Drives Disk Prices Up, Warranties Down
Commentary  |  1/17/2012  | 
The effects of fall's record-setting flooding in Thailand continue to reverberate throughout the storage industry. The flooding put several factories that made both completed disk drives for Seagate and Western Digital and components like platters, spindle motors and heads under several feet of water for weeks. The estimated production shortfall of 20 to 50 million drives in the fourth quarter has had a significant impact on the storage industry.
Port 80 Report Highlights Network Risks
News  |  1/17/2012  | 
If IT security professionals think they are protecting their organizations from Web application-related threats by securing Port 80 on their network--the firewall port through which Web traffic passes--they need to think again, according to a new report from a network security provider. The latest "Applications Usage and Risk Report" from Palo Alto Networks discloses that 35% of the Web applications and 51% of the Web traffic in enterprises does not traverse Port 80.
Virsto Software Beefs Up Storage Hypervisor
News  |  1/16/2012  | 
Virsto Software, which claims to have coined the phrase "storage hypervisor," is now shipping Virsto for VDI, vSphere edition, and Virsto for Hyper-V 2.0, adding advanced storage management functionality to the two most popular server virtualization solutions. The company says its products increase existing physical storage utilization by up to 90%, accelerate virtual machine provisioning by up to 75% and reduce the cost of storage in virtual environments by up to 70%.
Big Switch Networks Intros Open-Source OpenFlow Controller
News  |  1/16/2012  | 
Big Switch Networks, a new vendor in the nascent but growing field of OpenFlow-based networking, has introduced an open source controller for companies that want to build applications on top of the controller in an environment where the network intelligence is in the software-based controller rather than in the physical hardware of routers and switches. Big Switch, which also has a commercial controller offering in beta release, said it is offering the open source controller, called Floodlight,
Expired Digital Certificates: A Management Challenge
News  |  1/13/2012  | 
Hacks on certificate authorities like DigiNotar and Comodo draw headlines, but there's a bigger threat lurking right in your company.
Big Data Changes Storage Needs
Commentary  |  1/13/2012  | 
Growth of unstructured data forces IT managers to look for new ways to scale storage capabilities, with cloud storage a leading option.
IDC: SSDs Reshaping Enterprise Storage
News  |  1/13/2012  | 
After significant growth in the solid state storage market in 2011 that brought the total value of shipments to $5 billion, research firm IDC is expecting continued big growth through 2015. Within the enterprise market, there is increasing use of SSDs, a trend the research company expects to continue as prices fall and performance increases.
Facebook Helps Paid Posts Float To Top Of Feeds
Commentary  |  1/12/2012  | 
New 'featured' stories let marketers cut through the noise in your already cluttered news feed. Cringe-worthy, or smart?
Start Planning Your Ipv6 Transition Now
News  |  1/12/2012  | 
Businesses need to begin moving now to the IPv6 standard for Internet addresses from the IPv4 standard because IPv4 addresses are running out quickly, states The Internet Society (ISOC). It says while businesses that operate websites are more aware about the coming IPv6 standard than they were a year or so ago, they need to start planning for the transition in 2012. To accelerate the transition, the group is introducing a Web portal, called Deploy 360, to better inform companies of what they hav
Facebook Timeline: Will It Benefit Your Business?
News  |  1/12/2012  | 
Social networking site hints that its Timeline feature may soon be available for brands. Here are some things to consider about Facebook Timeline and the value it could add to your business' social networking presence.
GridIron Systems: Mining Big Data 'Gold' in a Flash
News  |  1/12/2012  | 
Trends in the IT industry sometimes resemble gold rushes as vendors pan for revenue "nuggets." The use of solid state devices (SSDs)--most notably, flash memory--is the central point of one of these, but just as with the real 19th century gold rushes in California and Alaska, not all prospectors (that is, vendors) will be successful. Where the claims are staked can make all the difference in the world, and GridIron Systems is staking one with a focus on accelerating big data analyses.
Brocade Acquisition Rumors Resurface
News  |  1/12/2012  | 
Brocade Communications is reportedly in negotiations with a private equity firm for a potential acquisition, Reuters said this week. According to reports in the financial press, the storage and networking infrastructure vendor has been working with Qatalyst Partners, the boutique investment bank run by Frank P. Quattrone, for two years to shop itself around, including several failed acquisition attempts with companies such as Hewlett-Packard. However, an analyst who follows the company believes
Networking Buyers Put Reliability And Performance First
News  |  1/11/2012  | 
When evaluating which company to buy their networking equipment from, business IT buyers say their top priorities are product reliability and performance, ahead of acquisition or operating costs and well ahead of product innovation, according to a survey of IT professionals released this week.
Dell Eyes Enterprise Storage
News  |  1/11/2012  | 
Dell is continuing to reinvent itself as a storage OEM with a series of product announcements that leverage its acquisitions, move it up-market toward the lucrative enterprise space and create new opportunities in the burgeoning Microsoft SharePoint market. Although the company ended its very successful reseller relationship with storage leader EMC only two months ago, Dell grew its storage platform revenues--including its Equallogic and Compellent units--15% year over year in 2011 and they now
CES 2012: Samsung's Mobile Memory Helps Drive Miniaturization
Commentary  |  1/10/2012  | 
Smartphones and tablets aren't the only reasons that Samsung is at CES 2012. As one of the biggest players in the mobile memory market, Samsung is one of the world's driving forces behind the never-ending miniaturization of technology.
2012 Tablet Race: Where's Microsoft?
Commentary  |  1/10/2012  | 
As I watch startup CloudOn and the hordes of Android mutants, I can't help noticing that CES isn't the only place Redmond is AWOL.
Network Buyers Survey: Standards Trump Features
News  |  1/10/2012  | 
When it comes to buying new network equipment, enterprise customers prefer technology built to industry standards over products that may have innovative, but proprietary, features, a newly released survey shows. Although network vendors, including industry leader Cisco Systems, are introducing innovations such as 40 Gbit Ethernet connectivity, multipath schemes such as fabric networks and converged Fibre Channel and Ethernet, buyers ranked 'adherence to industry standards' as their highest prior
Survey: Cisco's Network Domination At Risk
News  |  1/10/2012  | 
Cisco Systems’ dominance of the networking technology space remains strong but it will have to work harder to keep it that way, according to a recently released survey of IT professionals. Increasingly, the people who buy networking equipment are considering other vendors, such as Dell, HP or IBM, as an alternative to Cisco. In addition, while Cisco is known for its networking innovations, customers prize technology that adheres to common industry standards over products offering unique fe
Passphrases A Viable Alternative To Passwords?
News  |  1/10/2012  | 
Some experts say they are, but technological and cultural issues bar the path to passphrases.
Shared Data Plans Will Have Significant Impact
Commentary  |  1/10/2012  | 
As the major U.S. carriers get closer to unleashing shared data plans for mobile devices, it’s worth noting how this change in offering will likely impact both the private and corporate sides of the mobile client world. Smartphones and tablets have already been profoundly disruptive in a number of ways, and new multidevice data plans will only magnify the effect.
Google Marries Google+ To Search Results
News  |  1/9/2012  | 
Google's own social network will now mingle with search results--which will soon include Google+ photos, posts, profiles, and pages. New privacy choices accompany changes.
CES 2012: Invoxia Improves The Sound Of Teleconferences
News  |  1/9/2012  | 
Looking to change the market's expectations for teleconference audio quality, Invoxia is at CES 2012 showing-off a teleconferencing solution that it claims will make the participants on the other end of a conference call sound like they are sitting right next to you.
Cisco Cius: Don't Count It Out, Yet
News  |  1/9/2012  | 
Some critics have written off the Cisco Cius, but I now have a sense for why Cisco feels its communications gadget doesn't have to beat the iPad to win.
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