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Amazon Expands Cloud Computing Support, Drops Prices
News  |  1/6/2011  | 
To provide more personalized service to companies using its infrastructure for production systems, Amazon Web Services has lowered pricing on two plans and introduced new high end and low end plans.
CES: Verizon CEO Foresees Smarter Networks
News  |  1/6/2011  | 
Tomorrow's networks will make content available more widely and more easily, but there may be a cost.
Scientists Suggest Microfiche For Long-Term Archive
Commentary  |  1/6/2011  | 
It's no secret that we, as an industry, are struggling with the challenge of storing digital data for the long term. And now a pair of academics are suggesting that microfiche--that analog medium we've been using for decades to store old newspapers--could, with 2D barcodes, be the solution to the long-term data storage problem.
Data Centers: The Next Frontier For WAN Optimizers?
Commentary  |  1/6/2011  | 
Signs of the increasingly pivotal role that WAN optimization is playing in the enterprise can be seen in the emergence of hybrid cloud architectures within corporate networks. As Mike so poignantly pointed out in his blog, the simple ability to run a VM does not make an application ready for the cloud. If developers are to leverage on-demand services, such as Amazon's EC2, they need to rethink how they architect their software to leverage a hybrid cloud environment.
New Citrix Portal Checks Endpoint Software Configuration
News  |  1/6/2011  | 
Citrix Systems is introducing the Citrix Endpoint Analysis Portal, which is designed to check desktop computers and other devices for the correct configuration of the software applications they are running. The portal product was developed in partnership with a company called Opswat, which licensed to Citrix its OPSWAT Endpoint Security Integration SDK (OESIS) Framework for ensuring software manageability.
SNIA And CompTIA Raise Certification Bar
News  |  1/6/2011  | 
The association considered the leader in storage certifications, the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), and the association considered the leader in vendor-neutral IT certifications, CompTIA, are joining forces to create a new certification for storage networking and information management. Work started on developing the new certification, CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SNIA, in the third quarter of 2010, according to Rick Bauer of CompTIA's skills certification department. "Our goal i
13 Technology Predictions For 2011
Commentary  |  1/5/2011  | 
From Android tablets to "Windows 8," SSDs to Google Checkout, our columnist gazes ahead to the coming year and forecasts a baker's dozen of major developments.
Gartner: WAN Optimization Adapts To New Demands
News  |  1/5/2011  | 
In its just-released Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers (WOCS), Gartner looks at the current state of the WAN optimization market. This Gartner magic quadrant shows a picture of a mature market that is adapting to customer demands, with an increased focus on cloud and data center-to-data center deployments, the consolidation of branch office hardware and increased support for mobile users.
Enterprises Will Tread Cautiously Into VDI In 2011
News  |  1/5/2011  | 
A new survey shows that many companies are looking into implementing client virtualization--technology that delivers applications to end point computers virtually, rather than from software on a desktop or server. However, the survey says, companies are finding that client virtualization is more complex to implement than they realized, that ROI is difficult to calculate, and that training end users can be a challenge. The survey of IT administrators by enterprise technology provider CDW conclude
Wi-Fi Direct Just Might Kill Bluetooth--Are You OK With That?
Commentary  |  1/4/2011  | 
In late 2010, I blogged about Wi-Fi Direct's arrival. Though ad hoc wireless networking has been allowed under 802.11 operations since the standard was a baby, it wasn't exactly easy to execute. Now, Wi-Fi Direct puts a friendly face on device-to-device wireless communications, and some predict that it will seriously horn in on Bluetooth's place in the grand scheme of personal connectivity. Wi-Fi Direct has higher speeds and longer ranges than Bluetooth, so it's easy to see why Wi-Fi Direct may
DHS Outlines Critical Infrastructure Protection Plan
News  |  1/4/2011  | 
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) plans to ride the momentum of critical infrastructure protection efforts it began last year into 2011. In a blog post, the agency touted some of its accomplishments of the past year and said that the federal government will continue to take steps to protect the electricity grid, power plants and other control systems in the United States as a new year begins. The post comes on the heels of Critical Infrastructure Protection Awareness month, which the age
iPhone Alarm Fix Is Found
News  |  1/4/2011  | 
Amid silence from Apple, users have taken it upon themselves to develop a workaround for the alarm glitch that plagued iPhone 4.
Dell To Buy Managed Security Provider SecureWorks
News  |  1/4/2011  | 
The software-as-a-service products will be an option in Dell's servers, storage products, and security appliances.
HP Refreshes Mid-Range Thin Clients
News  |  1/4/2011  | 
Hewlett-Packard is announcing a refresh of its mid-range thin client portfolio, due to start shipping next week. The line of t5500s (t5550, t5565 and t5570) lowers the entry point to $249 and provides easier deployment. The company, which already dominates this market, according to IDC's "Q310 Enterprise Client Device Tracker," says that its new products provide significantly improved performance, a wireless option and the ability to support new capabilities such as Citrix HDX. The latter provi
My Five 2011 Predictions
Commentary  |  1/3/2011  | 
What's going to happen in 2011? First, we'll continue to see some cool technology and use cases in cloud computing and unified communications, but I think adoption of both will be slower than expected. We will also start to see more about Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) standards compliance and interoperation, particularly with FCoE and multipath routing protocols like Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL) and Short Path Bridging, though I am not convinced that the networking i
Dedupe Dos and Don'ts
Commentary  |  1/3/2011  | 
Data deduplication, at least for backup data, has made it to the mainstream. However, it's important to remember that the term "data deduplication" applies to a relatively wide range of technologies that all manage to store data once, even when they're told to store it many times. Since all of these technologies are sensitive to the data being stored, nowhere in IT is the term "your mileage may vary" more true than in dedupe. As 2010 winds down, I figured I'd share a few tips on how to get the m
Android Phones Targeted By Trojan
News  |  1/3/2011  | 
A new Android Trojan that displays some botnet characteristics has emerged from China, Lookout Mobile Security warns. Called Geinimi, the malware can compromise a significant amount of information on a user's Android smartphone and send it to remote servers, the security developer said in a blog. Once installed on the phone, it could allow the server's owner to control the mobile device, says Lookout.
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