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Content posted in January 2005
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Former iSeries Chief Moves To Software Sales
News  |  1/4/2005  | 
Former IBM channel maven and iSeries server division head Mike Borman has been tapped as vice president of sales for all of Big Blue's Software Group.
Meeting the WAN Challenge
News  |  1/4/2005  | 
Delivering apps effectively in the LAN is easy; preserving that performance across the WAN remains a challenge
Linksys Claims Eightfold Speed Increase For Router, Adapter
News  |  1/4/2005  | 
Uses MIMO technology to increase both speed and range.
StorageTek To Resell Cisco Gear
News  |  1/4/2005  | 
StorageTek will resell Cisco's MDS 9000 directors and fabric switches and related services and support under Cisco's SmartNet program.
Hackers Hunt Down Unpatched Microsoft Servers
News  |  1/4/2005  | 
Hackers are stepping up attacks on Microsoft servers, including Windows Server 2003, in order to exploit a recently patched WINS security bug.
Apple Soups Up Its Xserve G5
News  |  1/4/2005  | 
Apple Computer has upgraded its Xserve server with dual 64-bit, 2.3-GHz PowerPC G5 processors capable of delivering more than 35 gigaflops of processing power per system.
Third-Party Support An Option For PeopleSoft Customers
News  |  1/4/2005  | 
Some companies report big savings, and peace of mind, by turning to service providers such as TomorrowNow.
2004 -- The Year in Tech
Commentary  |  1/4/2005  | 
It may be 2005, but folks are spending plenty of time talking about the year that just was -- and what kind of technological impacts, trends and challenges we faced (or feared). Over at, they're offering several Malware Top...
Cingular Claims 3 Mbps Cellular Data Speeds In Test
News  |  1/4/2005  | 
Wireless vendor claims speeds were attained using HSDPA technology for its UMTS network.
Zinside Debuts The Zen Box Server
News  |  1/4/2005  | 
Application service provider Zinside recently introduced its Zen Box server.
Vendors Claim Speed Breakthrough For Current Wi-Fi Products
News  |  1/4/2005  | 
Samsung and Athena Semiconductors claim they have developed MIMO technology that can dramatically increase the speed and range of existing wireless LAN products.
Sonus Networks Carried 10 Billion Minutes Of VoIP Traffic In December
News  |  1/4/2005  | 
Traffic increases by 66 per cent over the 6 billion minutes of traffic it carried in December, 2003.
Vonage and UTStarcom Announce Portable Wi-Fi VoIP Phone
News  |  1/4/2005  | 
Handset, pre-configured for Vonage service, will be released in the spring or summer of 2005.
2005: The Year Of VoIP
News  |  1/4/2005  | 
It's prediction time, so here goes: 2005 will be the year of VoIP. Last year laid the foundation, with a slew of product releases and service announcements that put VoIP
iSCSI Hikes Its Nielsen Rating
News  |  1/4/2005  | 
TV ratings company adds IP to its heterogenous lineup
Wanted: Taxonomy Input
News  |  1/4/2005  | 
No, not stuffing animals. We need your help updating our Who Makes What - and that's not all
NDCF Poll: No Bonus for You!
News  |  1/4/2005  | 
Oh dear. There wasn't much goodwill around for data center managers this holiday season
Outlook 2005: A Strong Foundation
News  |  1/3/2005  | 
Companies will make the most of IT investments, aiming to boost information access, collaboration, and revenue.
Improving Disaster Planning
News  |  1/3/2005  | 
Companies need to step up their business-continuity planning to deal with everything from emergencies to virus attacks
Dumb Switches: A Prediction For 2005
News  |  1/1/2005  | 
We should expect to see a worldwide shift in what drives enterprise networking technology, at least in terms of speeds and feeds.
Symantec Enterprise Architecture
News  |  1/1/2005  | 
Symantec seeks to parley its anti-virus fortunes into an asset and change management dynasty. But will it offer any advantages over the incumbents?
Innovative Rootkits: The Ultimate Weapon?
News  |  1/1/2005  | 
Malicious hackers looking to "own" a machine on the network silently install rootkits on it. Here's how to fight back.
SATA Targets Enterprise Storage
News  |  1/1/2005  | 
Serial ATA is moving beyond the specification stage and into enterprise storage scenarios.
Case Study: Building Network Stability
Commentary  |  1/1/2005  | 
Construction leader Rudolph and Sletten turns to an open-source network monitoring tool to stabilize its network and deploy a new wireless infrastructure.
Automatically Fix Your Network Vulnerabilities
News  |  1/1/2005  | 
Networks are certainly vulnerable, but who's going to help you secure them? We analyze four architectures that take aim at identifying and patching network vulnerabilities.
The Next Generation Of PoE
News  |  1/1/2005  | 
A new Power over Ethernet standard may lead to the elimination of laptop power supplies, and a new class of "power-forwarding" devices.
The Future Of Wi-Fi
News  |  1/1/2005  | 
In the next two years, we'll see 802.11 hardware that can manage itself, track users' location, integrate seamlessly with 3G networks, and much more. Here are five Wi-Fi futures that
Web Services' Minority Report
News  |  1/1/2005  | 
With XML and SOAP messaging, developers can streamline business processes, automate the supply chain, and kill your network in the process. Here's how to stop the crime before it happens.
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