• 07/08/2014
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12 Hot Programming Languages To Learn

With the growing software-defined networking trend, networking pros are under pressure to learn some coding. Here are a dozen programming languages worth checking out.


any others?

Which programming languages here do you think are the most important for a networking pro to know about? Are there any others that aren't included here?

Re: any others?

I'd vote for Lua. Easy, flexible, fast, and powerful.

Re: any others?

Thanks for the recommendation! Lua has a lot of interesting attributes.

Re: any others?

I think that if a networking professional were to step into the realm of the software development profession, it would have to be a programming language that frequently overlaps into network/server administration tasks.

The only ones that really come to mind are Visual Basic and C#.  VB can be used for scripts, office macros and software development.  C# can be used for building advanced workflows in sharepoint as well as full blown software development.

In most cases, I doubt that the average Network/Server administrator would have a development studio installed on the computer such as visual studio.  Therefore, it would be important that the language could be used for simple tasks without the need of a full blown development suit.

Re: any others?

Interesting point @AbeG. Within the context of software-defined networking, Python is the one I've heard most often suggested as a programming language networking pros might want to get familiar with.

Re: any others?

I'm not sure if learning an entire programming language would be practical for the average networking professional when it comes to automating tasks.  Personally, I think that scripting languages are best suited for that sort of thing. 

To that end, I'd say powershell scripting is a good way to automate tasks in a Microsoft-based environment.  SQL query language might also come in handy when dealing with certain issues or trying to optimize for maximum performance.

Java 8

Several languages mention fixing things missing/cumbersome in Java.  Curious how many of these items Java 8's new features recitify and what things remain as reasons to create even more new languages.


The Association for Computing Machinery this week posted a blog with analysis that showed Python to be the top starter programming lanugage at U.S. universities.

Article not in sync with what's expected.

After having made this statement "With the growing software-defined networking trend, networking pros are under pressure to learn some coding. Here are a dozen programming languages worth checking out.",  it looks like most of the languages mentioned aren't of any use to a network admin or for that matter even to a networking engineer.

In general,  most of the languages are in their nascent stage.

Python, Chef/Puppet are the ones predomintely used in devops, unless you are saying that network admins are also the ones doing web development. 



Re: Article not in sync with what's expected.

disclaimer: I work for chef and have been using it for quite some time now so I'm most familiar with it.

I'd disagree heavily with the statement that there isn't relevance to a network admin/engineer using any of those languages. Where networking is going as a whole is going to be even more dependant on experience in python/cm languages, e.g. the cisco nexus line ship with an embedded python interpreter and also have the ability to run plugins like chef/puppet because it's much more efficient to use a programming language to manipulate your network than trying to do it by hand.

tl;dr: python,puppet,chef are not only for web developers/devops magicians and are becoming more and more important in the IT landscape.