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Build WiFi To Weather The IoT Onslaught
Dirk Gates, Executive Chairman & Founder, XirrusCommentary
The Internet of Things is coming. The four strategies here can help enterprises future-proof their wireless networks to support the looming demands.
By Dirk Gates Executive Chairman & Founder, Xirrus,
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How Can SDN Cross The Chasm?
Dr. Jim Metzler, Founder & Vice President, Ashton, Metzler & AssociatesCommentary
Software-defined networking needs some compelling business cases before it can make the jump into a widely deployed technology.
By Dr. Jim Metzler Founder & Vice President, Ashton, Metzler & Associates,
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ARIN Nearing IPv4 Depletion, For Real
Marcia Savage, Managing Editor, Network ComputingNews
The American Registry for Internet Numbers says it will have to activate its IPv4 waiting list this summer. Enterprises can opt for IPv4 transfer market or finally consider deploying IPv6.
By Marcia Savage Managing Editor, Network Computing,
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9 Cool, Free Summer Classes For Tech Pros
Susan Fogarty, Editor in Chief
Looking to enrich your brain this summer? Look no further than these free online courses on everything from cyberwarfare and Python programming to superheroes, robotics and cooking for geeks.
By Susan Fogarty Editor in Chief,
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Network Performance Monitoring, Easy As Pi
Susan Fogarty, Editor in ChiefNews
Network monitoring startup NetBeez harnesses the value of the Raspberry Pi to test application performance in distributed environments from the user point of view.
By Susan Fogarty Editor in Chief,
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Verizon & AOL: What Can We Learn?
Russ White, Principal Engineer, IPOS, EricssonCommentary
Verizon's purchase of media company AOL and the growth of Google Fiber highlight the need to find a balance between content and transport.
By Russ White Principal Engineer, IPOS, Ericsson,
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When The Cloud And SDN Collide
Network Computing Editors, CommentaryVideo
Mix hybrid cloud and SDN, and you get a complex mess that's difficult to manage. Applying consistent, application-based policies can help.
By Nathan Pearce, F5 Networks ,
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Microsoft Hyper-V: Guide To Common Commands
Network Computing Editors,
Manage your Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environment in the most efficient and productive manner using these useful commands.
By Network Computing Editors ,
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Skype For Business Finds Its Voice, At Least For Some
Eric Krapf, Editor, No JitterCommentary
A No Jitter reader survey on Lync/Skype for Business gives rise to some interesting questions on voice strategy.
By Eric Krapf Editor, No Jitter,
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IT Management: Are You Old School Or New School?
Kong Yang, Head Geek and Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager, SolarWindsCommentary
IT management flounders today in the midst of a dramatic shift in mindset and process. That's evident in the tension between old school IT know-how versus new school IT policy.
By Kong Yang Head Geek and Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager, SolarWinds,
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Choosing A Campus Switch In The Wireless Era
Dan Conde, Analyst, Enterprise Strategy GroupCommentary
The growth of wireless and the emergence of the Internet of Things create challenges in selecting a campus switch. Here are some top considerations.
By Dan Conde Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group,
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Big Data For IT Operations: Data Lakes Or Data Warehouse?
John Miecielica, Director of Product Management, TeamQuestCommentary
IT operations itself can benefit from the promise of big data analytics, but choosing the right data storage ecosystem is essential.
By John Miecielica Director of Product Management, TeamQuest,
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Prizewinning IT Products: Best Of Interop 2015
Network Computing Editors,
Drumroll, please: Meet the technology products and services that took home top honors in this year's Best of Interop awards.
By Network Computing Editors ,
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Interop In Action
Network Computing, CommentaryVideo
Interop Las Vegas heats up this week with presentations, products and camaraderie on the show floor.
By Network Computing ,
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SDN & UC Integration: A Work In Progress
Marcia Savage, Managing Editor, Network ComputingNews
Microsoft has led the way in applying software-defined networking to unified communications with its Lync SDN API, but a networking expert says more work is required to make communications and SDN a truly powerful combination.
By Marcia Savage Managing Editor, Network Computing,
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Expanding IT Roles For Business Growth
Azmi Jafarey, Network Computing AuthorCommentary
The business expects more from IT than back-end support. Today's IT teams are expected to help drive business. Here's how to do it.
By Azmi Jafarey Network Computing Author,
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Fibre Channel Really Is Dead
Kevin Deierling, Vice President, MellanoxCommentary
Ethernet has overcome the problems that prevented converged compute and storage networks, speeding the demise of Fibre Channel.
By Kevin Deierling Vice President, Mellanox,
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Big IT Means Bigger Performance Challenges
Vess Bakalov, CTO & Co-Founder, SevOneCommentary
The size and complexity of today's IT infrastructures demands new ways of monitoring and identifying problems.
By Vess Bakalov CTO & Co-Founder, SevOne,
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Staying Ahead Of The Data Deluge
Alex Patent, VP, Global Infrastructure Architecture Leader, NielsenCommentary
Data is core to Nielsen's business. Here's how the company is transforming its IT environment to tackle the data explosion.
By Alex Patent VP, Global Infrastructure Architecture Leader, Nielsen,
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12 Must-See Presentations At Interop Las Vegas
Network Computing Editors,
This year's Interop conference is jam-packed with learning opportunities. Here are a dozen educational sessions you won't want to miss.
By Network Computing Editors ,
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