• 08/22/2017
    7:00 AM
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Building a New Storage Roadmap

A look at the technologies that are reshaping enterprise data storage.


Will storage race or plod along on its new roadmap?

Well, it seems like storage has a brave new architecture to supplant the edifice it has inhabited for so long. The history of storage has been incremental change without revolutionary change for the past 30 years. This has made storage a conservative technology. So with this new storage roadmap will people race along on the brave new storage roadmap or plod along? FUD has its place when it comes to storage. FUD seems more often than not to be the governor on how much change and how quickly it can be made in storage environments. Data has gravity. Storage admins are slow to embrace throwing out what has worked for something that they have never used. Moving fast and breaking things may be OK for Facebook, but will the CIO be willing to do the same with data storage in the enterprise? It will be interesting to see how quickly people will make decisions to race along on the brave new storage roadmap. Mr. O'Reilly has once again provided an excellent article chock-full of big picture futures for data storage that leaves much to think about and ponder.